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  1. djronnieb

    Disney World built on Latitude 33

    I was listening to the radio talk show, "Coast to Coast AM, with Art Bell" last saturday night. They had 2 hours on some very interesting things about how Disney Land and Disney World are between the 33 and 40 deg Longitude lines. Which makes them in the same area as geophyical energy. And how...
  2. djronnieb

    Tommorowland Going Away

    I heard from a very good source that sometime in 2010 Tommorowland will become "Pixarland". I was told this is a working name in progress, but it will be changed to something along those lines due to the fact that it's too hard and costly to keep updating a land that's about the future since...
  3. djronnieb

    new fastpass system

    Ok so it's not a fastpass system for Disney, but maybe they can give it a try. Here's the story below of what Six Flags is doing. <!--StartFragment --> GURNEE, Illinois (AP) -- Why wait in line when you can just eat a cockroach? That's the question Six Flags Great America is asking thrill...
  4. djronnieb

    Exciting news

    I saw that they were working on WWTBAMPI maybe it wont be too long until we hear whats going on in there.
  5. djronnieb

    Have they removed the mold yet?

    Last time (a few months ago) when I went on WDWAKKRR there was mold on the handles, have they removed it yet?
  6. djronnieb

    finger scan controversy?

    Check this out from Local 6: <!--StartFragment --> An upgrade on Disney's finger scanning technology implemented to prevent ticket fraud or resale is raising concerns from privacy advocates, according to Local 6 News. <!--StartFragment --> For years, Walt Disney World has been reading the shape...
  7. djronnieb

    News on DVC and lots more new attractions

    So I went to MGM and also took the DVC tour and here's what i have to report: MGM: -Muppet fountain still has a wall around it saying, "something new coming soon" -Attendence was pretty light -No other work seen DVC, monorail and other park updates: I took the DVC tour because I am...
  8. djronnieb

    WDW update 8-5-06

    new DVC news and other breaking news about WDW!!!! So I went to MGM and also took the DVC tour and here's what i have to report: MGM: -Muppet fountain still has a wall around it saying, "something new coming soon" -Attendence was pretty light -No other work seen So I took the...
  9. djronnieb

    Ideas that never happened

    In the Dusty Files i was wondering if some people in the know could list some ideas that are somewhere in dusty files that were never built. And I mean things we don't all know about like BK... something like the EPCOT idea listed below: I started wondering after I read another thread, that...
  10. djronnieb

    Why I haven't seen AliciaLuvzDizne

    I just saw her post in the other topic about Corrus and saw she has over 12,000 posts!!! but yet I can't remember ever reading one thing by her. Strange...
  11. djronnieb


    I saw an ad on TV for the new 360 night time show at Universal and was wondering if this like Iluminations? And if anyone has seen the show, does it compare to anything at disney?
  12. djronnieb


    How much is it to sponser an attraction at WDW? I know it's going to be different prices for the size of the attraction, but just some idea.
  13. djronnieb

    Pooh on the sidewalk

    Did I get your attention? good now read: <!--StartFragment --> LOS ANGELES (AP) - Winnie the Pooh sure does love his honey, but the beloved bear now has something just as sweet: a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The children's character, created in the 1920s by British author A.A. Milne...
  14. djronnieb

    parking lot trams

    This maybe a weird question, but does it bother anyone how noisy the engines are on the parking lot trams! Why do they have to use engines that sound like they could lift a 747 off the ground. I mean isn't there a much less noisy engine they could use to power the trams?
  15. djronnieb


    Is there any match making site or areas on here to meet single ladies that love Disney as much as me?? I'm 25 live in Ft. Lauderdale and would like to be friends and maybe more with a female aged 21-26.
  16. djronnieb

    my little report

    I was in Orlando all this past week with friends who came down to visit me for their spring break. Unfortunally we only got to go to the MK because the other days we were at Universal (booooo!:fork: ) and Sea World and then of course the beach... But enough with that here is what I saw at MK on...
  17. djronnieb

    Days of the Week

    It must be the following days of the week if these topics are started... Sunday: EPCOT Wand Monday: Harry Potter Ride Tue: BK Wed: MGM Hat Thrs: Fire Mountain/20k Land Area Fri: 5th gate Sat: Monorail Expansion :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. djronnieb

    wow.... what an expereince

    I just got back from visiting WDW with a few friends who came down for their spring break and when we were at Typhone Lagoon there was a lady (maybe 30ish) walking around topless! Only after maybe an hour did I see someone from Disney go up to her and pull her aside and chat with her. I was...
  19. djronnieb

    TOT 5 Coming soon

    I've heard that TOT version 5 is coming to MGM soon. That's all I know. But I have a question to go along with that statement. What would TOT 5 be??? As a side note I missed celebrating my 200th post!! So here's to 202!
  20. djronnieb

    3D Everest... Ha!

    So that whole thing with the girl holding the 3D glasses in front of EE last month turned out to be wrong. Meaning that there is no 3D effect on EE. Anyone care to add to this???
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