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  1. RMichael21

    Toy Story Land Opening Day Fastpass

    Hey everyone! I book my Fastpasses tomorrow at 7:00 am sharp! It just so happens that the last day of our trip coincides with the grand opening of Toy Story Land, so we figured we'd try it out. We're just looking to have a cool and fun experience opening day, see what we can do (expectations are...
  2. RMichael21

    Undercover Tourist Ticket Question

    If we are buying a Four Day Park Hopper from Undercover Tourist, does the E-Ticket have the ticket numbers that can be linked to MDE immediately? Our FP window opens Friday, so the tickets in the mail is not an option. Thanks!
  3. RMichael21

    June Trip -- Questions on Itinerary, DAK on Toy Story Land Opening Day and More

    Greetings everyone! All of the trip reports on the boards seems to have pushed me over the edge to book yet another trip to the world this June, just for a few days. If y'all could take a look at the itinerary and spot any issues that I've missed over, that would be greatly appreciated. Also...
  4. RMichael21

    Survivor: Ghost Island

    The official thread for the 36th season of survivor... Survivor: Ghost Island
  5. RMichael21

    Disney Legend Marty Sklar Passes Away At Age 83

    I know some of you don't venture into the News and Rumors section of the forums, but thought this would also be relevant to the Imagineering section. Marty Sklar, one of the most famous and beloved Imagineers passed away last night. Such a sad thing to happen and I wish his family the best. :(...
  6. RMichael21

    Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers

    The thread for the 35th season of the TV reality show Survivor!!! This upcoming season is Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers!
  7. RMichael21

    An Update on The Amazing Race / A (Temporary) Sign Off

    Hi everyone. As you may or may not have noticed, since I pulled out of the most recent season of So You Want To Be An Imagineer I've been pretty much nonexistent on these boards. Unfortunately, life's just gotten in the way and I haven't had time to focus on pretty much anything else other than...
  8. RMichael21

    Imagineering Forum Point Rankings - 2017 Competitions and Events

    Placeholder for the actual message at the top of the thread. I'll get around to the actual message in a few days. :p
  9. RMichael21

    2018 Imagineer Forum News Center - Newsletters and Important Links!

    Imagineering News Center Newsletters and Important Links Important Links: New Imagineer Introduction Thread 2016 Imagineering Appendix 2015 Imagineering Appendix 2014 Imagineering Appendix 2013 Imagineering Appendix For Newsletters, see below posts.
  10. RMichael21

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi NO SPOILERS!!!!

    Well, with Rogue One out of the way, I figured that it would be a good time to have an Episode 8 thread to discuss the film. I'm super excited for it! But Carrie Fisher's recent passing has me wondering how they'll handle Leia's story arch in Episode 8 (if they change anything at all) and how...
  11. RMichael21

    Survivor: Game Changers - Mamanuca Islands

    Welcome to the thread for the 34th season of Survivor... SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS! :D Some people who may be interested in this thread: @PUSH @JenniferS @IDInstitute @NYwdwfan @Flippin'Flounder @SAV @21stamps @Andrew C @GenerationX
  12. RMichael21

    Imagineering Hall of Fame: 2016 Induction

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the fourth annual 2016 Imagineer Forum Hall of Fame Induction. Over the past several years, the Imagineer forum has seen hundreds of aspiring creators dream of concepts for theme parks around the world. The Imagineering Hall of Fame highlights the best of the...
  13. RMichael21

    Adding a Poll test

  14. RMichael21

    Disney to Give Out Free Insect Repellent to Fight Zika Virus

    From the Orlando Sentential: "Walt Disney World will start giving out free insect repellent throughout its resort Sunday, as the threat of Zika comes increasingly close to Orlando. Disney confirmed it will have various types of insect repellent at its theme parks, at Disney Springs and the...
  15. RMichael21

    2016 Imagineer Forum Point Rankings!!!

    Hellooooo people of the Imagineer forum! Welcome to the official thread that'll be the home of the Point Standings/Rankings for the remainder of the year. That includes updates after each and every competition or group of competitions! Now, because they were in our old Town Hall Thread, here's...
  16. RMichael21

    2016 Imagineer Forum Year End Event!!!

    Hey everyone! I was going do this tomorrow, but found that I had an abundance of time on my hands, so I figured I'd just do it now. Most of this is for the year end event, but some of the other stuff is just some "housekeeping" stuff. ;):p So, there's a few points I want to discuss here...
  17. RMichael21

    Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

    Hey everyone! So, I noticed that we don't have a thread for the next season of Survivor yet (something we usually have by June, if I'm correct), so here's the thread for Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X! So, feel free to discuss! I'll tag some people who may be interested in this thread...
  18. RMichael21

    New Disneyland Parking Garage and Transportation Hub

    Hey everyone! So, I couldn't find a thread specifically about the new garage being built, so I figured that I'd start one! @OCDisney just posted this on Twitter: I definitely thought it was interesting how they could definitely use that area currently used for the "Transportation Facility" for...
  19. RMichael21

    A Theme Park Fan's Thoughts on 'Early Morning Magic'

    Hey fellow WDWMAGIC members! I know... I know... You all clicked on that ever so tempting title looking for a fellow Disney fan to bash the "cash grab" that is Disney's Early Morning Magic at the Magic Kingdom. But, before we jump to conclusions, let's start from the beginning and give you a...
  20. RMichael21

    Frozen Ever After FP+?

    Hey everyone! So, tomorrow morning's my 30 days out FP bookings and we're planning on visiting Epcot on July 23rd. We won't be getting to the park until around noon (12:30 on the safe side), so I need some tips for FP. I'd obviously love to get a Frozen Ever After FP to avoid waiting in a...
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