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    If you guys have an account and post your favorite/random pictures, post your account in here. Made mine today
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    Disney Dreamlight Valley (Switch)

  3. Dead2009

    Kingdom Hearts 4 and Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Announced Kingdom Hearts 4 and Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link were officially announced at the series' 20th anniversary event. While no platforms or release date/window for Kingdom...
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    ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Leaving ABC After 16 Years, Will Stream Exclusively on Disney+ In a stunning move from The Walt Disney Company, it has been revealed that the long-standing reality show, Dancing with the Stars will move from its 16-year-long and 30 season home of ABC to Disney’s popular streaming...
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    Disney March Madness 2022 Block A Opening Round: Splash Mountain (WDW) vs Pirates of the Carribean (WDW)

    It's that time of year again where we vote for the best ride of March Madness! The bracket will be at random and each poll will run for TWO days. We kick off this opening round match up with 2 fan favorites! or
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    ‘Alien’ Franchise Resurrected by ‘Evil Dead’ Director Fede Alvarez! In what could easily be the biggest news bomb of the year, Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe director Fede Alvarez will both write and direct a brand new Alien movie for Ridley Scott and 20th...
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    Disney Speedstorm

    My body is ready, AND its free to play.
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    ‘Under Wraps 2’ – Last Year’s Disney Channel Remake Getting a Sequel Released in 1997, the Disney Channel Original Movie Under Wraps got a modern remake this past Halloween, and today we’ve learned that Under Wraps 2 is on the way. Deadline reports that...
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    Dick Tracy (1990)

    This movie might not be the greatest but I certainly enjoy it.
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    Better Star Wars Show So Far: The Book of Boba Fett or The Mandalorian

    Since enough time has passed since the Boba Fett show debut, which one are you enjoying more right now?
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    Plane Spotting

    Have you ever gone to an airport and watched the planes take off/land? I personally havent but found a channel who livestreams it, its kinda neat
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    Moana series sailing onto Disney+ in 2024 Among the myriad of announcements made at the Disney Investor Day presentation in 2020 was a small-screen adaptation of 2016’s excellent Moana, but as with most things since then release dates have changed and...
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    Disney And Tencent Announce A Mobile Avatar MMO Is In The Works Ubisoft isn't the only publisher with its hands on the Avatar franchise. This weekend, Disney and Tencent unveiled plans to release Avatar: Reckoning, an MMO role-playing shooter slated for...
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    The Santa Clause Series For Disney+ Announced With Tim Allen Returning The creator of Last Man Standing is reuniting with series star Tim Allen for a new Disney+ series set in the world of The Santa Clause. The film franchise, which featured Allen as a...
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    Gaming Friend Code Central: Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo

    I'm keeping this seperate from the regular gaming thread so that way friend codes wouldn't get lost in the shuffle. Post what gamer tags you have in here! Xbox One: Dead2009 PS4: Deadd2009 Steam: TheDead2011 Switch: 4228-3597-5693
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    EA Rejected Star Wars Battlefront 3 Pitch - Report According to a noted insider, EA has rejected DICE's pitch for a third Star Wars Battlefront game in a decision that reportedly came down to licensing costs. Tom Henderson spoke with a former...
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    Kevin Feige Teases Top Secret MCU Project with Scarlett Johansson

    During last night’s annual American Cinematheque event where Oscar nominee Scarlett Johansson became its 35th awardee, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was one of the many people who paid tribute to Johansson. In his speech, while praising Johansson’s contributions to the Marvel Cinematic...
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    Disney Melee Mania

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