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  1. PhotoDave219

    More Fireworks Fires....

    Hey Kids... Looks like another small fire at MK tonight following wishes. Seems like every time WDW gets weather conditions like there, somehow they get fires. Interesting.
  2. PhotoDave219

    Sentinel - Disney World draining, filling in long-abandoned River Country pool

    Disney World draining, filling in long-abandoned River Country pool From Sandra Pedicini: Walt Disney World is draining and filling in the pool at its long-closed River Country water park. The 330,000-gallon Upstream Plunge was a major attraction at the now abandoned water park. It is...
  3. PhotoDave219

    Deputies: Man arrested for groping six people at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

    From Local6.... ORLANDO, Fla. - A man has been arrested and accused of groping six people, including teens at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon over the Fourth of July weekend, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said. One of the six victims told deputies that Aman Bhatia, 27, a Louisiana man was in the...
  4. PhotoDave219

    Illuminations Tags?

    So lots of us love Illuminations:ROE, myself included. Heck, @wdwmagic started these very forums because of the show. But... for these holidays, is it time to do away with the 3-4 minute tag and instead give the guests a true dedicated special show? New Years Eve, Fourth of July, these events...
  5. PhotoDave219

    Creepy New Survey Question....

    As Spotted on twitter by an acquaintance..... For anyone who wasn't thinking that the mouse isn't keeping track of you? What exactly did you think the magicband and the MDX account was doing?
  6. PhotoDave219

    November '71 Found Footage

    So the good folks at RetroDisneyWorld found and cleaned up home movies from November 1971. Some Notes from myself..... Look at all those trees! Look at how empty and comfortable the place looks! The Main Street Philharmonic's costumes have improved tho there's something appealing about the...
  7. PhotoDave219

    TWDC 2QFY16 Earnings Call Thread

    Earnings Call at 5PM folks. Listen Here -> The earnings PDF is here ->
  8. PhotoDave219

    Fan Deflects Bat at WWoS Champion Stadium

    Many news outlets are publishing this photo from Christopher Horner of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, this was from yesterday's Braves-Pirates game. The issue at hand is that MLB has recommended to all stadiums that they extend protective nettings after a nasty accident in Boston last season...
  9. PhotoDave219

    With the Price Increases and Cuts, Are you Delaying your Visit?

    Pretty simply Discussion. Given the cutbacks, cuts in entertainment as well as cuts in hours to Waterparks & DQ in addition to the price hike at the front gate, are you planning on delaying your trip to WDW? When are you planning on going again?
  10. PhotoDave219

    2016 Lawsuits against Disney

    So much like our Permitting Thread, I'm going to take a look at the cases filed against Disney in Orange County District Court. (Osceola isn't online and they would transfer it to Orange anyways) Ed. Note: We aren't discussing any foreclosures unless they are foreclosures on DVC properties...
  11. PhotoDave219

    NYT: Lawsuits Claim Disney Colluded to Replace U.S. Workers With Immigrants

    This has been discussed quite a bit when it first went down.... Here's the link. Also, a PDF Link to the Complaint from Federal Court From the New York Times... Even after Leo Perrero was laid off a year ago from his technology job at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. — and spent his final...
  12. PhotoDave219

    OS: Disney begins bypassing courts with time-share foreclosures

    From the Orlando Sentinel.... The Walt Disney Co. has begun using a new system of handling foreclosures on its time-share contracts that is faster and more efficient, but could make it tougher for outsiders to bid on the memberships at auction. Nonjudicial foreclosures, also called trustee...
  13. PhotoDave219

    NIKE CEO Parker Elected to Disney Board of Directors

    From Zenia and the good folks in Burbank.... Mark G. Parker Elected to The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors
  14. PhotoDave219

    2015 Crowd Level Analysis: Final, Wrapup Edition

    That is how 2015 looked. One teeny-tiny slow period. So a look at Crowd levels, 2015. Final Edition. (As usual, all data pulled from the Observed Data of Touring Plans. If you have a problem with how they collect their data, take it up with Len. I’m fine with their methodology) Other terms I...
  15. PhotoDave219

    Latest Parking Rumor: Charging at Disney Springs (Unlikely)

    So Chalk this up to Unverified but totally plausible.... On the heels of charging money for parking at the resorts, I've got a good source that suggests charging money for parking at Disney Springs is coming as well. Thoughts?
  16. PhotoDave219

    Illuminations Holiday Tag: Old or New?

    Hey Kids..... So Today I was driving around listening to the old school Epcot Holiday Illuminations (w/ Walter Cronkite) and it made me miss the old Peace on Earth Holiday Tag, pipe organ and all. What does the class think? Which did you prefer? For reference: The older Peace on Earth Tag...
  17. PhotoDave219

    Would you go to WDW Sick?

    So the other day I'm sitting outside The Plaza, waiting at at table for my lunch and at the table next to me, there's this 11 or 12-year-old plague victim who's coughing non stop, with zero regard for anyone around her. Clearly feverish from the look, clad in her Princess Dress and obviously...
  18. PhotoDave219

    So.... What's the point, MDX?

    Quick, simple question here.... What exactly is the point of the MDX app if it doesn't work? we're two years into this and it still doesn't work right. Why are we still forcing this?
  19. PhotoDave219

    Man tries to bring gun into Disney World, deputies say (WFTV)

    (Presented without Commentary) BAY LAKE, Fla. — A Miami lawyer was arrested last Friday afternoon after trying to bring a gun into the Magic Kingdom Park, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said. A Walt Disney World security guard was searching bags outside the park when she noticed a bulge...
  20. PhotoDave219

    Lumberjacks end 11/24

    The Canadian Lumberjacks posted on Facebook that their last show is 11/24. (That's tomorrow) Via con dios
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