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  1. Jon81uk

    Flash Player upgrade spam redirect

    Hi When viewing the forum I keep getting redirected to a fradulant looking page advising Flash Player is out of date and I should download it. These redirects are getting frustrating, can anything be done at your end? The page it directs to is...
  2. Jon81uk

    End of free bread at table service?

    I've seen discussion on Twitter this morning that more cuts might be happening, seeing complimentary bread removed from table service places. The site that cannot be named reports that Tony's at MK now charges $9 for garlic knots and there is no free bread and that many other places such as...
  3. Jon81uk

    Changes at ABC Commissary

    Looks like they are trying to improve quick food options at DHS, with dinner now being served to order at ABC Commissary. Seems a strange move when there is plenty of table service at DHS but most people just wanted the food quality to improve at ABC...
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