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  1. John park hopper

    Another death

    Meat Loaf died age 73 another rock legend gone RIP with the great rockers in heaven.
  2. John park hopper

    2022 Family WDW TRIP Planning

    We are planning a WDW trip there will be 8 adults (3 sons and wives) and 4 children (ages 10, 8, 5, 3) and want to stay on site, for a group this size what would be the best option. Moderate resort, thinking of a couple of Wilderness cabins close together --- any thoughts
  3. John park hopper

    What effect has Covid have on the 50th anniversary

    WDW 50th anniversary is just ~15 months away and attendance is down, projects have been put on hold or out right canceled, hours cut, profits down considerably and no discounts on much of anything. Not much time left to start or complete projects. Looks like a down size of any 50th original...
  4. John park hopper

    50th anniversary new construction/renovations

    Anyone have a listing of new construction planned and renovations planned for the up coming 50th anniversary. Any thoughts as to whether Disney will start/complete by October 2021. Not much time left
  5. John park hopper

    Looks like Florida/Orlando may be in for a tropical storm

    A tropical storm looks like it is forming just east of the Bahamas and will move up the east coast similar path as Dorian. Something to keep an eye on. ill bring rain to orlando
  6. John park hopper

    Dorian WDW impact

    Looks like Dorian may be hitting central FL as a tropical storm Saturday and bringing a lot of rain; any one at WDW now and will be there this weekend or arriving this weekend? Has anyone cancelled their visit or will cut it short?
  7. John park hopper

    Disneyland Hong Kong

    With all the unrest being reported and the Chinese government attempting to crack down on the people of HK any word on how this is effecting the park --local attendance and tourists?
  8. John park hopper

    It's a Small World

    Went to my dermatologist (in SC) last week for my 6 month check up and had a small spot on my arm that had to be removed. I was talking to the PA and was telling her about our trip with the granddaughters in May to WDW and she said she used to live in Orlando and worked at WDW as a cast member...
  9. John park hopper

    How does Disney Cruise Compare to other Cruise Lines?

    We have never done a Disney cruise have done Carnival and Holland America and are scheduled to do a Caribbean 11 day cruise on Holland America in March. Carnival was not that great Holland was 100 times better. For those who have done Disney and other cruise lines which do you prefer --pros and cons
  10. John park hopper

    Non Disney Universal Studios question

    We have not been to Universal in 20 years and looking possibly to go in Jan 2020 when crowds are reportedly low. For those who have been recently how many days staying on site would we need to see and do everything? What resort would you recommend and how do overall costs compare to WDW. Has...
  11. John park hopper

    Flights of Wonder verses Great Bird Adventure

    The DW is a big bird lover and we have always gone to see Flight of Wonder-- last saw it May 2017. Our May 2019 trip the DW just had to see Great Bird Adventure; what a great disappointment most of the birds shown in FoW were gone. Granted it seems to be geared more for little kids. My...
  12. John park hopper

    Granddaughters first WDW trip

    We arrived on May 5 at POFQ and my son and wife and granddaughters age 4 and 6 arrived late (11:00 pm) on the May 8. We had connecting rooms and they had no idea that when they woke up Thursday they would be at WDW. When the girls woke up and went into the bathroom and saw the Disney soap and...
  13. John park hopper

    Coral Reef Restaurant Opinions

    We ate at the Coral Reef last week and I was really disappointed I don't know if it was just a bad night or has it gone down hill. Wife and I ate there 2 years ago and it was very good. I had the grilled pork chop (same 2 years ago) it was surprisingly tough. The service was terrible we waited...
  14. John park hopper

    POFQ sadly over

    Well our WDW trip ended on Mothers day. This was the granddaughters (age 4 and 6) first trip and they had a ball. They really surprised me and went on every roller coaster; the 4 year when I asked her how was it she said "I not scared". They did the whole princes thing got autographs from all...
  15. John park hopper

    Linking credit card to magic band

    We were at AK yesterday and the wife linked her credit card to the magic band so she would not have to carry the credit card. Seems while we were at AK there was a computer glitch and the credit card was removed from the MB, could not buy lunch --nothing. She called guest services and was told...
  16. John park hopper

    Resort Luggage Carts

    Will be driving to POFQ a week from Sunday staying at pool view room. I can't remember if there are luggage carts available; I have bad knees (need knee replacements) and hauling luggage will kill me. If they don't I can bring the granddaughters red wagon
  17. John park hopper

    Chase credit card

    Got an offer in the mail for a Disney Chase credit card (no annual fee) if you use within the first 3 months of activation and charge $500 you get $200. Thinking of applying for it and using it for park tickets for our trip in May (save $200 and immediately pay the balance off). Anyone have any...
  18. John park hopper

    The Walt Disney Co. 4th Quarter Earnings Report Shows Record Revenue

    Parks and Resorts: 9% growth in revenues and 11% growth in operating income for the 4th quarter, 10% growth in revenues and 18% growth in operating income for the fiscal year Parks and Resorts Compared to last year’s Q4, Parks and Resorts saw growth of 9% in revenues, from $4.667 billion to...
  19. John park hopper

    Change of Plans

    DW and I have a visit planned for May staying at POFQ got a call from daughter-in-law #2 they had planned to take our granddaughters age 3 and 6 in Feb but had trouble getting a room. Changed it to the same time as our trip in May staying at POFQ also. It will be the girls first visit; having...
  20. John park hopper

    Table service restaurant recommendations

    Wife andI will be at the World May 5 - May 11 and the plan is to do only dinner at at a table service restaurant in the parks (bringing breakfast and lunch). We ate at JIKO 2 years ago and it was very good, is it still? Any recommendations on other table service restaurants. Note-- not looking...
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