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  1. peter11435

    Conservation station mural

    Does anyone know if the Conservation Station exterior mural has been repaired yet or is the paint still peeling off in large sheets?
  2. peter11435

    New entertainment coming to Germany?

    I'm currently at Epcot and the walls have been removed from around the structure being built next to Germany. It was previously believed this would be some type of food and beverage venue but that is clearly not the case. It's definitely a stage of some type with rear access and speakers to the...
  3. peter11435

    Breaking News from Epcot - Thousands ride M:S yesterday and experience no problems

    I have heard unconfirmed reports that thousands of people rode M:S yesterday and felt fine after the ride. Apparently they all continued their day of fun at WDW unaffected after riding the attraction. I am still waiting to see if a major news agency picks up this story.
  4. peter11435

    5/4 WDW Photo Update

    It's been a while since my last photo update so I apologize for the delay. I have been busy lately. This installment currently contains brief updates from AK, MK, and Epcot. I will be heading out to MK for Spectro and Wishes tonight so I will be adding more photos to this update later tonight or...
  5. peter11435

    4/25 Illuminations Earth Globe problems

    I went to Epcot again tonight to catch Illuminations. Overall the show was great as usual but they were having some serious TD with the earth globe. The globe did not spin at all during the show and then at the end it did not open. Thus the flame inside never came on nor did the pyro shoot from...
  6. peter11435

    4/22 Photo Update with "breaking" news from Epcot

    I'll start this update with a couple shots from Magic Kingdom. Nothing major to report there. However I did go to MK last night (watched Wishes and both performances of SpectroMagic) and noticed that they are once again lighting up the yellow structure on the roof of SGE. It had not been lit for...
  7. peter11435

    4/18 WDW Photo Update

    I know it’s been a while since my last photo update. But this one will be pretty large so hopefully it will make up for the long wait. Now lets just get to the pictures. Click any image to see a larger version Animal Kingdom Work continues at the future site of Finding Nemo - The...
  8. peter11435

    4/10 WDW Photo Update

    Since it’s late and I'm tired, I’m just going to post the pictures with quick captions now. I'll give a more detailed update tomorrow. If you have any questions please ask. Click any image to see a much larger version. Easter decorations on the MK trolley More Easter decorations...
  9. peter11435

    Press event info (or lack of)

    Usually with these things someone posts a schedule of the specific events. Even better some other sites often have live updates from the events including pictures and up to the minute information about what is going on. So far though I have not seen anything. Does anyone here have any idea about...
  10. peter11435

    4/5 Animal Kingdom Photo Update

    I went to AK for a few hours today. They are still getting ready for the press event. I rode Everest once and the Yeti and steam were both working. The mist on the top of the mountain was still MIA. They have speakers and lights set up all throughout Asia and the Everest area for the press...
  11. peter11435

    Western Way open (with pictures)

    I drove over to Western Way today and as the reports on here indicated the road was indeed open. They are still doing some minor work (landscaping mostly). Along the road you can get some great views of Everest and the Tree of Life. And if you know where to look you can see parts of the tree...
  12. peter11435

    4/3 MK Photo Update

    I went to MK for a few hours this morning (10-1). The park was busy but not that bad at all. Splash Mountain only had a 30-minute wait. I did Splash and CBJ. On Splash the hopping Brer Rabbit was still working. Unfortunately the water jumping over the log in the laughing place was once again...
  13. peter11435

    4/2 Epcot Update (Illuminations/SSE/F&G)

    I finally made it over to Epcot again for Illuminations tonight. The park was not that crowded. Test Track was down when I arrived (~ 7:00pm) but was running a little later. Soarin’ was at only 50 minutes, M:S was at 10, Maelstrom at 30, and everything else was a walk on. -The fountain was...
  14. peter11435

    Possible name for new Nemo ride at Epcot

    I was on the US patent and trademark office site today and came across an interesting new Disney trademark. It says "The Seas with Nemo and Friends." I could be wrong but I think this must have something to do with the new Nemo attraction at the Living Seas. It was listed right below...
  15. peter11435

    3/31 MK/AK photo update.

    Unfortunately while I had my camera at MK this morning, I forgot to put in a memory card. So there will be no pictures from MK today. - The paddle wheel at Harpers Mill is working again. For months the water had been running but it was not spinning, then for a few more months the water was...
  16. peter11435

    3/29 WDW Photo Update - F&G Festival/Wilderness Lodge

    Quick Photo update from a few places around the world. Just click the image to see a much larger version. Wilderness Lodge The buffalo topiaries outside the lodge have been replaced with these birds. I preferred the buffalos myself. The next three are of the redesigned...
  17. peter11435

    Accident Please delete

    Please delete
  18. peter11435

    3/26 Epcot Photo Update

    3/26 Epcot Photo Update (updated 3/27 with some MK) I went to Epcot for an hour today after DTD (see other thread for photos click here). Fortunately the fountain was back running today. The last couple times I went to the park the fountain was not running and there were many engineering...
  19. peter11435

    3/24 Mini AK Update - Everest painted/cranes

    I went to AK again this morning. The park was very busy. When I got there they had all of the bag check tables open but the lines were easily 50 people deep at each one. I grabbed a FP for Everest at about 9:40 and it was already for after noon. When I left Everest was at 80 minutes, and the...
  20. peter11435

    3/20 small Animal Kingdom photo update

    I went to AK again this afternoon for a few hours. Unfortunately I didn't ride Everest today: stand-by was at 60 minutes and all Fastpass were gone for the day. There were many people working at the Tarzan/Nemo site. There was nothing really new to report there. The Everest/Discovery...
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