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  1. Furiated

    MK 24-hour party returning in 2015?

    Has anyone heard if the the 24-hour party at the MK is returning this year? I thought in a previous thread someone said that Disney was leaning towards making it an annual event to kick off the summer season. This is the first year I'd be able to go so I'd like to start planning if they are...
  2. Furiated

    Disney Tsum Tsum

    Anyone playing Disney Tsum Tsum? It's pretty fun, I'm liking it so far. Each round only last 60 seconds so it's a good fit for mobile when you only have a minute or two to play. They are pushing their Line app for social...
  3. Furiated

    School me on the water parks

    Hi all, I've never been to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach, mainly because the friends and family I usually hit the parks with aren't big on water parks. I did visit River Country twice when I was younger, but haven't been to either of the new ones. My Premier pass runs out this May and with...
  4. Furiated

    Royal Pacific vs Hard Rock

    We're planning a trip to UOR for fall and trying to decide between Royal Pacific and Hard Rock Hotel. I've stayed at Royal Pacific 3 times before and loved it. Loved the look and feel, and especially being able to walk to the parks, although the path is a little long especially if you are going...
  5. Furiated

    Hidden Mickey Mystery Pouch question

    I saw at the pin trading store at Downtown Disney the display with a bunch of the hidden mickey pins. And they have the Hidden Mickey Mystery Pouches for sale. But how do you know what series is in the different pouches? I saw red, blue, and green pouches. Are they all the same? Or is there a...
  6. Furiated

    Mapping camera bike at Epcot?

    I was at Epcot prior to park open on Oct 19th for the Segway tour. Just inside the turnstiles, as we were heading to the tour, we noticed a camera bike driving in and around the entrance area between the turnstiles and Spaceship Earth. I didn't have a chance to snap a pic, but if you do a Google...
  7. Furiated

    Jungle Cruise questions

    After getting to ride Jungle Cruise a lot on a couple recent trips, I've noticed that a good skipper can make a world of difference on the ride. I also noticed for the first time (for me anyways) that there were a lot more terrible skippers on the attraction. I love the bad jokes and puns...
  8. Furiated

    Just testing

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