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  1. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Magical Express with No Magic Band

    How do you access Magical Express if you don't have a Magic Band now that they don't send you any paperwork? I'm not sure if my sister's family is going to get Magic Bands so I'm just wondering how that works. They have a separate reservation than mine so will have a separate DME reservation.
  2. MotherofaPrincessLover

    DAS with ADHD

    Has anyone ever gotten a DAS for a child with ADHD? I'm finally biting the bullet and getting my son evaluated for ADHD. In the past, waiting in lines has always been a HUGE struggle for him so the DAS would be nice for our family. It's just hard to understand what actually qualifies for a...
  3. MotherofaPrincessLover

    AP Hotel Discounts

    How far in advance are the AP discounts typically released for the hotels?
  4. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Blizzard Beach

    Are there buses going to Blizzard Beach directly from the hotels? What about the parks? Thinking about hopping to BB after a morning at AK.
  5. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Buses Between Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge

    Are there currently buses running between Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge?
  6. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Paint Your Own Castle at California Grill

    I just saw something on Facebook about being able to paint a little castle at California Grill but I can't find anything online anywhere. Is this an actual thing? It looks really cool if it is.
  7. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Typhoon Lagoon

    Is Typhoon Lagoon ever going to reopen?
  8. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Buying Day Tickets With Annual Pass

    I was just looking through the different discounts available with the annual pass and saw that you can buy multi-day tickets at the ticket counter for 15% off with the annual pass. Has anyone ever done this? Is it possible to do this at your hotel instead of the park?
  9. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Vero Beach

    How hard is it to get a studio at Vero Beach in August at the 7 month mark? I don't know much about that resort or if it fills up quickly in August.
  10. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Pool Hopping

    Is pool hopping currently allowed? I don't see anything on the DVC site saying it's not (although I could have missed it) but I thought I had heard at one point in time that it's not currently allowed because of Covid.
  11. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Upgrading to Annual Pass

    If I purchase park tickets now and annual passes become available to purchase again, can I upgrade my ticket to an annual pass and still receive the DVC discount?
  12. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Hollywood Studios Sunday v. Monday

    Anyone who has been lately, is there a significant difference in crowds at Hollywood Studios on a Monday compared to a Sunday?
  13. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Universal Hotels

    Has there been any news on the hotels opening back up? Will concierge service still be available? I feel like I've heard nothing about the hotels.
  14. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Christmas Party Attire

    I have heard that some people wear pajamas to the Christmas party. Is this true? I think my kids would enjoy that but I don't want them being the only ones wearing pajamas.
  15. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Mini Golf at Winter Summerland

    Are there still buses that go to Winter Summerland when Blizzard Beach is closed for refurb?
  16. MotherofaPrincessLover

    AP Expiration

    Can you go to the park on the date of expiration for your AP?
  17. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Star Wars Fireworks

    Does anyone know if they are discontinuing the Star Wars fireworks at HS? They aren't on the schedule past June 30.
  18. MotherofaPrincessLover

    APs and Memory Maker

    I have an unactivated AP (my first time). When I activate it, do I automatically have access to Memory Maker? I'm just a little confused on how that all works.
  19. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Activating AP

    I need to activate my AP during my next trip. This is my first time doing this. My first park is MK; do I just go to the ticket window at the park to activate it?
  20. MotherofaPrincessLover

    After-Fireworks Dessert Party

    Has anyone done the After-Fireworks Dessert Party? What time did you check-in? Do they take you from check-in to the viewing area or can you check in and then go to the viewing area when you want?
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