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  1. SteamboatJoe

    Curiosity About Random Spots at WDW

    Every once and a while I notice a random spot (or thing) at WDW that piques my interest. They are often off the beaten path and/or look as if they are vestigial remnants of something which no longer exists (or perhaps never finished!). Others, I imagine, may have originally been intended as...
  2. SteamboatJoe

    Can the East Coast Marvel Problem Really Be Solved? (Discussion)

    Most of us know that Universal has the theme parks right (east of the Mississippi) to the vast majority of Marvel characters as well as all the other particulars that go along with that. This post isn't about clarifying or debating any of that. I am curious about potential (viable) solutions...
  3. SteamboatJoe

    What's the Next Big Thing for the Company

    I know there is a thread already about acquisitions. The point of this thread is to think beyond just acquisitions. Like him or not, Iger accomplished some pretty big things during his tenure....Pixar, Lucasfilms, Marvel, DCA revival, Shanghai, Disney+, FOX, significant investments at WDW. It's...
  4. SteamboatJoe

    Kings Island - New Giga Coaster

    Orion will open in the old Firehawk spot near Flight of Fear in 2020; 300 feet tall, 8 hills, 91 MPH. The entire area is being re-named Area-72 to reflect the alien/space theme and is a nod the parks opening year, 1972.
  5. SteamboatJoe

    Rumor Disney Characters Being Added to IASW

    Reported by the site that shall not be named; will be similar to what was done in Tokyo. EDIT: To be done closer to, or as part of, the 50th anniversary. Credit to @Squishy for posting it first under the 50th anniversary thread.
  6. SteamboatJoe

    News New Stroller Size/Wagon Rules and Enforcement - Effective May 1 2019

    Just saw this on Twitter from Len Tests via Tom Bricker:
  7. SteamboatJoe

    Disney-Pixar Movie Madness - 2019

    Last year, inspired by a bracket I had seen making the rounds on the internet, I created my own Disney-Pixar movie bracket for my family to do together. I thought it would be a fun thing to share so I have re-worked it for this community. The image is too big to share, and would've taken forever...
  8. SteamboatJoe

    News Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    The site which shall not be named is reporting SSE will close in 2020 for 2 years for a complete refurb as part of the larger re-imagining of Epcot. It would re-open on the parks 40th anniversary in 2022. EDIT: Work could include track replacement, scene updates (especially from the Industrial...
  9. SteamboatJoe

    Old SeaWorld TV Special or Tape

    I know this is really obscure but does anyone recall an old SeaWorld tv special and/or tape that featured a performance of Peter and the Wolf? I had it on VHS as a kid but I don't know how we obtained it. Not sure if my parents have the tape anymore. It would've been from the late 80's or early...
  10. SteamboatJoe

    Historic Orthos and Topos of WDW (and other places)

    So I've been familiar with the historic orthographic imagery and topographic maps available from NETRonline for awhile but it just dawned on me it contains some historic images and maps of pre and post WDW that may be of interest to some of you. Here is the link...
  11. SteamboatJoe

    Looking for Some Old Parade Music

    Is anyone aware of any decent recordings of the Remember the Magic parade? The 25th Anniversary version would be preferred but I'd settle for the other version if need be. All I can find on YouTube are actual videos of the parade from old camcorders. Needless to say, the audio quality is poor...
  12. SteamboatJoe

    Crowd Flow Tendencies at MK in the AM?

    Would anyone be able to speak to what the crowd flow tendencies are at the MK now that they are letting people onto Main Street before the official posted opening time? The reason I ask is my trip in early/mid May will be my first one since November 2015 and I'm wondering if the "plan of...
  13. SteamboatJoe

    Moderate Resort Recommendation Needed for Early May 2017

    My wife and I are currently considering doing one last WDW trip before we start our family and are looking at doing something in early May 2017. We'd like something a little nicer, grown up, and convenient than what the value resorts offer. Not to mention that we will have plenty of opportunity...
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