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  1. ChrisFL

    No big upcoming attractions after TRON?

    So we're getting the Moana water thing, a new "communicore" building, but no other plans announced so far? Just making sure I didn't miss anything. I expect DAK will get the next attraction?
  2. ChrisFL

    General thoughts on "Futuristic Architecture/Theming" in Disney and in general

    Recently I was thinking about when things we consider that feel "futuristic", mostly in architecture, etc. and when they become "retro-futuristic" and what's the difference. My theory is that futuristic architecture only works when it hasn't reached mainstream consciousness. Example of a...
  3. ChrisFL

    American Adventure - One word of dialogue change

    Thought this might be interesting. Pop quiz: Does anyone know what one word changed (as far as I know) since the original version of American Adventure?
  4. ChrisFL

    Video games that feel like Disney lands/attractions

    I've noticed a few games (that aren't official Disney games) over the years that give a similar vibe to existing Disney lands or attractions and wanted to make a list for those interested and if anyone has more that I haven't played. These games are not necessarily inspired by Disney either...
  5. ChrisFL

    Hypothetical: If Ellen's Energy Adventure was still operational when...

    ...Alex Trebek sadly passed away, what do you think Disney would have done with it? Do you think they'd close out of respect, then find a way to change the movie, or leave it open? I think this one is unique because Alex Trebek is playing himself, he's not acting in a fictional role exactly...
  6. ChrisFL

    Crazy idea I had: An EPCOT Center/DisneySea Hybrid Park

    Hello fellow imagineers, apologies it's been a long time since I visited this part of the WDWMagic forums 😣 I don't know why it hit me, but I was thinking the other day...what if a park like Shanghai, Hong Kong or Paris wanted their own super second/third park idea....I think the best thing...
  7. ChrisFL

    My Blue Sky (would never happen) Disney Classic Dark Rides concept

    Disney could, if they were being generous, build an omnimover ride that would show short re-creations of their extinct omnimover style attractions, in a kind of "historical" tour. I would put this in Disney Springs and make it free of charge (a la Chocolate World's factory ride next to Hershey...
  8. ChrisFL

    EPCOT Caused a Mandela effect?

    Found this randomly and reminded me of something: A Frowning Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci’s painting is among the most famous works of art in recorded history. So why do so many admirers insist the...
  9. ChrisFL


    When things look bleak in the world, I think back to the optimism of Walt Disney. He was alive during some of the most devastating things in U.S. history, World War 1, the 1918 Spanish Flu, The Great Depression, World War 2 including the atomic bombs and the cold war with the Soviet...
  10. ChrisFL

    You can re-locate attractions between the WDW Parks...

    Which ones would you move? Caveat: You don't necessarily have to worry about whether there's space to fit the attraction, unless you want to. Example: Move Carousel of Progress to Epcot (I wouldn't mind this, but I'd also want them to make a new Horizons to go along with it, since it was the...
  11. ChrisFL

    Putting the same property in multiple parks?

    Does anyone else think WDW has a bad habit of putting the same IP in different parks? As if there isn't enough to go around with their massive catalog? Examples: Lion King in DAK and (was) at Epcot Finding Nemo in DAK and at Epcot Little Mermaid at MK and DHS Frozen at DHS and Epcot Toy Story...
  12. ChrisFL

    Weird thought today...what if Horizons and SSE were swapped?

    Just thinking of what would have been different if the buildings were swapped, but the content was relatively the same (let's just pretend it all physically fits) Horizons was often known as the pavilion that tied all of the other themes of EPCOT Center together. Other than the sponsorship...
  13. ChrisFL

    Toyota creating an EPCOT-like city

    I didn't know the best place to put this post. See if this sounds familiar to anyone who's seen the Florida Project film about EPCOT the city plan: Toyota will extend an open invitation to collaborate with other commercial and academic partners and invite interested scientists and...
  14. ChrisFL

    Rise of the Resistance- Full Spoilers Thread

    I figured it was difficult to try to discuss the attraction details while just putting a spoiler tag everywhere. So this is recommended for people who have already been on the attraction. Seriously, if you haven't and you plan to go soon, I highly recommend you wait and not be spoiled. In the...
  15. ChrisFL

    Soarin Over the World, percentage of CGI?

    I think it's pretty well known that the whole Taj Mahal scene is CGI and possibly others are as well. Anyone know more about which parts are CGI? I know a lot of the animals like the elephants, killer whale, etc. either had to be CGI or added separately. The hot air balloons probably as well.
  16. ChrisFL

    Getting annoyed by the misused expression "It's not Disney"

    I've been seeing this more frequently in certain threads, both on these boards and elsewhere. It's odd to me, because often the thing that is claimed to be "not Disney" have a lot of the most uniquely Disney elements, either with some nearly direct lineage back to Walt himself (EPCOT...
  17. ChrisFL

    Does Living with the Land still do NASA experiments?

    I know it was a thing for several years where in part of the ride you saw indications where they did experiments with NASA. I don't know if they still do that or not...either officially shown or unofficially, anyone know?
  18. ChrisFL

    Has Disney ever used red/blue 3D glasses in the early years of the parks?

    I believe since I've been going there, all the way back to Magic Journeys at EPCOT Center, they've always been the same glasses we usually see today, but was wondering if they've had those for the older 3D movies or if they ever used red/blue ones.
  19. ChrisFL

    How would YOU have made a Star Wars land?

    Ok now that we've seen the partial opening on both coasts and the various arguments for and against...let's hear it. What would you do? I think Star Tours set an interesting precedent, the way the parts of the ride covered different eras in the Star Wars films somehow. I believe that is an...
  20. ChrisFL

    NBA Experience - What could have been Imagineered instead

    So the initial photos and videos of the NBA Experience seem quite underwhelming. I feel like this could be imagineered to be a lot better, so decided to throw out some ideas on what they could have done. "Impossible Shot" - a large basketball shooting game where you have to bounce the ball...
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