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  1. MagicalMonorail

    O'Hana Changes?

    Hi everyone! I am looking forward to going to O'Hana on my next trip for their all-you-can-eat menu, like I have done in the past. When booking my trip for the end of May, the CM taking the reservation stated that O'Hana would be changing to an a la carte menu. I didn't realize the effects of...
  2. MagicalMonorail

    Need some myth busting for trip

    Thanks unkadug! Thanks also to the tips about the dining plan!
  3. MagicalMonorail

    So was Toy Story Mania letting anyone on today for a soft opening?

    Will FastPass be running during the soft opening?
  4. MagicalMonorail

    High School Musical Play Rights

    Hey everyone! I saw a while back that Disney had licensed out the rights for high schools to perform "High School Musical." I looked on the main Disney site, and I didn't find the link to this information. Can anyone help me find the right place to go?
  5. MagicalMonorail

    what did you think about POTC? (movie)

    The movie was ok and mildly entertaining. It had some humor and good action sequences, but it was dragged out and cartoonish at some points. The plot was all over the place and difficult to understand and follow. It's not worth watching several times like the first one is, and I am a fan of...
  6. MagicalMonorail

    Metairie/New Orleans, Louisiana

    I live right outside of Baton Rouge. My uncle lives in Metairie though. I was actually with my work on a field trip to New Orleans today. (Aquarium)
  7. MagicalMonorail

    Keys to the Kingdom Tour

    I've been on the tour and it just provides a different aspect of the magic. I have always appreciated Disney magic in the past, so I also worried a little before I went on the tour. If your tour guide is knowledgable and friendly, you won't have to worry about ruining the magic. The tour just...
  8. MagicalMonorail

    When Will Disney Ban Smoking In The U.S. Parks?

    I hope WDW bans smoking in it's parks soon. One thing I noticed last time I went was a big number of people smoking. The problem is that some people smoke wherever they please and not in designated areas. We saw people smoking everywhere and Cast Members did nothing. Does anyone have the...
  9. MagicalMonorail

    Pirates Pics of AA - Jack Sparrow and Barbosa Online!!

    I saw this video on MSN. It's clips from the movies and clips from the updated rides. It also has a few Imagineers in there. The link:
  10. MagicalMonorail


    Is the Living Seas open now, or is only a part of it closed?
  11. MagicalMonorail

    Last Minute Questions

    Yet Another Question I had another question concerning the Segway tour. If I really like it, does Disney offer to sell you a Segway or give you the name of a place to buy it?
  12. MagicalMonorail

    Last Minute Questions

    I know I've asked some of these questions before, but I thought I'd ask again due to recent experiences or anyone not seeing them: 1. How is the food/experience at Crystal Palace Character Breakfast? 2. How is food/experience for lunch at Akershus (Princess Storybook Dining)? 3. I...
  13. MagicalMonorail

    From Airport to WL Villas

    Hello all! I have been to WDW about 12 times during my 17 years. However, I have never flown there. I will be flying into MCO on Delta Airlines on my next trip, all by myself. My parents will be driving into WDW, and they will be staying at WL Villas. My question is, how do you get from the...
  14. MagicalMonorail

    Villa's at WL

    How are the dining options at Wilderness Lodge, like Artist's Point and Whispering Canyon? Are they worth checking out and do I need to make reservations for them? Also, how would you compare the 2BR villas to the villlas at other DVC resorts?
  15. MagicalMonorail

    Villa's at WL

    If you stay at the WL villas, can you take a bus to the MK, or only a boat?
  16. MagicalMonorail

    Opinions for 3 Dining Places

    After reading your reviews, it doesn't seem like the luau is too great. Do you think I should cancel it? My family is a "more experienced" group with a 17 year old son, 22 year old daughter, and 2 parents. If the luau is really geared towards kids instead of the family as a whole, I'm not too...
  17. MagicalMonorail

    Opinions for 3 Dining Places

    Hello everyone! I have just made reservations for 3 meals in June, and would like some advice on them because I've never eaten at any of them before. They are: 1. The Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show 2. The Crystal Palace Character Breakfast 3. Lunch at Princess Story Book Dining, Norway...
  18. MagicalMonorail

    Body Wars Removed, WOL Closed Forever

    I got to go in WoL about the 25th of February. I was there for one of the Y.E.S. programs, and the students got to do skits on the stage in the main room. It looks empty and sad, even with all the bright colors and all.
  19. MagicalMonorail

    Use of Debit/Credit Cards

    Hi all! I will be going on a "field-trip deluxe" to WDW this Friday with my school. Instead of using cash the whole time, I was wondering if I could use my debit card from MasterCard, which can also be used as a credit card. I know you can use this to pay for the hotel, but I don't know if...
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