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  1. barrettismyhero

    PTR/TR For One Crazy Day after my friends wedding

    The Suspect in this case.. Me. Plan of action.. In Tampa/St Pete for my friends wedding.. Arrive there Thurs Mar 29. Wedding on Fri Beach Day Saturday Drive to WDW for Sunday Depart back for Chicago Monday Morning --- My hopeful plan for the One day of Disney.. Get...
  2. barrettismyhero

    Hillview model railroad construction

    Building a HO scale train layout in the basement.. I will occasionally post updates here.. Also on (feel free to like if you are interested in following) Here's one of my youtube videos showing progress...
  3. barrettismyhero

    Using DDP for F&W?

    Looking at going next year for Food and Wine.. I've never gone for it.. How do they do all the booths for food? Do they count as a credit or how does it all work..?
  4. barrettismyhero

    Whats your favorite park music?

    For me its almost anything in Epcot..
  5. barrettismyhero

    Any major dislikes of PORFQ?

    Looking at a potential trip for next year.. Thinking PORFQ is a possibility. Does anyone have any bad experiences or stuff they didn't like about the resort?
  6. barrettismyhero

    Photographer for on-site engagement

    This is probably a year away at the earliest (gotta love building capital just to make it possible).. but considering what my options are will help plan.. What services are available for taking pictures of my proposal? Looking at maybe doing it on Sunset Point @ the Poly if I can do it...
  7. barrettismyhero

    Union Pacific Steam Locomotive excursions Vote for this!!! We get to choose where the steam route goes!!! (If you vote for the Tuscola Turn I'll be especially grateful!)
  8. barrettismyhero

    Boardwalk villas or AKL villas

    Which do you prefer and why? This is in consideration for a possible October-ish trip with my gf.
  9. barrettismyhero

    Thank You to several Cast memebers June 10th-18th 2010

    I would like to thank some of the very helpful and great cast members during my latest trip. Hopefully they read this.. I will also be mailing a thank you soon. June 10th Scott @ POR concierge helped get my park ticket snafu taken care of. Was very helpful. Megan @ POR Food Court was...
  10. barrettismyhero

    Stanley Cup Champions in WDW?

    Anyone know if they invite the Stanley Cup champs after the finals will be in Magic Kingdom? Would like to know.. being a Blackhawks fan.. theyve got a really good shot. Going to WDW June 10-18th.
  11. barrettismyhero

    Help on adding extra person to vacation package.

    My parents had originally booked for themselves to go in June.. Now they have decided to take me along. They have purchased my airfare round trip. The parts I'm concerned/wondering about are: Adding me to their Magical Express for arrival and departure. Adding me to their package with park...
  12. barrettismyhero

    Possible trip.. late 2009 or spring 2010

    I'm considering taking my gf on a trip down to WDW either November/December of this year or in early June of 2010. I've been down there on 6 different occasions. She's technically been to WDW, but was sick. My main question is regarding deals of any nature. Do any of you know what would...
  13. barrettismyhero

    I wish there was a villians character meal

    There are so many of the "Good" characters at the character meals.. I want a villian character meal, it would be so cool!!
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