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  1. eliza61nyc

    Are Disney food prices really over the top?

    Lol. Happy Mother's day gang . The reason why I ask is because I'm currently in Las Vegas and I just paid 34 for a Pina colada. 😉 I immediately thought this place could give Disney a run for the money
  2. eliza61nyc

    Just for fun- when you hit World showcase, what country do you start at?

    I stole this question from the DVC facebook page so some may have played before. Which way do you turn when hitting world showcase. I usually start at France, we generally stay at our home resort so we come in through the international gateway.
  3. eliza61nyc

    Question about cirque du soliel?

    Have a birthday weekend in Vegas coming up in May and wanted to check out a cirque show. Any preference for one over the other.
  4. eliza61nyc

    A little crystal ball gazing. What do you think needs to happen?

    This is totally speculative Ever so often we read some thing along the lines of "if Disney doesn't be careful they're going to rue the day". I really thought the pandemic and being shut down for months would make management be a little more guest friendly but the parks came back strong. So do...
  5. eliza61nyc

    Does anyone still like WDW??

    So just been peeking in now and then Lol vacationing in Iceland for one but also because I've been wondering if people who still like wdw really belong. Lol no way would I ask this on the theme park 😅 page. Literally afraid to say we've got a quick 4 day trip planned next month. Just...
  6. eliza61nyc


    Wishing everyone a year filled with magical moments!!
  7. eliza61nyc

    So who is going?

    Basic question. So for a while, we've been saying... 1) Disney is becoming only for the rich 2) Disney no longer has any loyal customers. So who is going to WDW? Who do you think is a typical visitor?
  8. eliza61nyc

    Trip Report Sorta, kinda live report. Yahooo!! we're retired celebration.

    lol, my goal was to actually begin this trip report as a live and in living color report but well good intentions fell by the way side. This is a weird trip for me, first it's 2 week long, I've never stayed at the mouse world that long. The reason is I've got 3 different groups coming in to...
  9. eliza61nyc

    Why I will always stay on-site.

    Good morning gang Currently here at the Animal kingdom lodge, sitting on the balcony and experiencing an outstanding peace from nature, I hear the soft sounds of African chanting being played, it is a magical way to start my day. This is what my vacations are for. Yes I am totally aware of...
  10. eliza61nyc

    Quick Magic band question

    Hi guys, quick question about the magic bands. we are heading down in 11 days and have just about every one of our old magic bands. we are bringing one person who has never been before, can we give them one of our old bands? They do have our names on the back but no new tickets assigned to...
  11. eliza61nyc

    Let's have a bit of a laugh. What restaurant do you secretly enjoy that everyone else thinks you're nuts for?

    Everyone has that restaurant that gets widely panned here on wdwmagic but we secretly think... hey I enjoyed my meal there. For my family it's Sci fi diner. everyone gives it bad reviews but we've always had great meals there. now we generally only have lunch but we've always done well...
  12. eliza61nyc

    Wow, Concert ticket prices!!

    Jeez, forget Disney prices... My two nieces are huge Bruno Mars fans so the great auntie that I am thought to surprise them with tickets... NOT. 500 bucks a pop. Is this normal, I admit I think the last big time concert I went to was live aid back in 85😂🤣
  13. eliza61nyc

    Disney gift cards at restaurants?

    Quick question for a friend, Can you still use disney gift cards to pay for onsite dining. I have not been in two years, I seem to remember you could but wasn't sure with the new rules due to Pandemic. lol, I said yes but wanted to double check. TIA
  14. eliza61nyc

    How easy to add on days?

    So a relative is joining us on out WDW vacation in September for 3 days. She maybe able to extend it but won't know until later, any problem with purchasing a 3 day pass from undercover tourist and then adding 2 days on. Can you still do that with the new park reservations system
  15. eliza61nyc

    Two free days promotion question

    So I'm running numbers on our September trip and I'm still coming out cheaper using undercover tourist. Has anyone taken advantage of the program?
  16. eliza61nyc

    quick question about making a park reservation

    lol I know this is probably a simple question but I haven't been back since the covid hit. Do I need a ticket to make a park reservation or just a room reservation will be enough? Can it be done prior to 60 days or am I thinking the old fp reservation system?
  17. eliza61nyc

    FOR FUN, worst place to have to drive

    Naturally since the announcement of DME going away there has been a lot of discussion around traffic and driving near WDW. Now I learned to drive in NYC so in my arrogance I thought that nothing drive wise could ruffle my feathers and then I went to...... Athens Greece. Taking a cab in Athens...
  18. eliza61nyc

    Why do you think people still go to WDW?

    Happy New Year, Very basic question, reading through some threads it would seem that Disney is just bad yet folks still come. So why do you think it's still an attractive vacation destination? Edited to add:. More geared toward the new comer, I know the huge fan will discuss the parks more...
  19. eliza61nyc

    Good board game recommendations

    So the Christmas shopping season is in full swing, lol of course it starts in September now but that's beside the point. I'm looking for a good board game to buy as a family gift. we have the classics like monoply, clue, scrabble and risk. Anyone have favorites that their families play. TIA
  20. eliza61nyc

    News Disney world attendance down 80%??,cases%20are%20on%20the%20decline&text=Disney%20World%20attendance%20is%20down,coronavirus%20outbreak%20in%20recent%20weeks. I got this...
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