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  1. Next Big Thing

    Kiehl's Opening in Town Center

    Did we even know this was happening? It's in a small space to the right of D-Living.
  2. Next Big Thing

    Any water park additions planned?

    As we all know, 2017 is not only a big year for the mouse with Avatar, but Universal has several attractions in the works, the biggest of which is their new Water Park - Volcano Bay. With this new park that will have almost 30 years on Typhoon Lagoon (28 to be exact), and just over 20 on...
  3. Next Big Thing

    DVC Phasing Out Community Halls?

    Take this with a grain of salt as with any rumor that starts at a CM, but as I was checking into the Polynesian today, we had asked if there was a community hall for DVC as my sister loves them and it's something we've gotten used to. He said that they wouldn't be getting one AND that they would...
  4. Next Big Thing

    Trip Report NBT's Live WDW/Uni Trip Report 7/5-7/12

    Hey guys, I don't usually do trip reports, but I really wanted to document this one for a few reasons. Mostly because not only will this be my first stay at the Polynesian, but also my first on-site stay at Universal Orlando being at Portofino Bay. I got an incredible pin code for Portofino the...
  5. Next Big Thing

    Frozen Boutique temporarily coming to DHS

    Frozen 'Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique'-type experience coming to Frozen Summer Fun at Disney's Hollywood Studios
  6. Next Big Thing

    "Baseball Tonight" to be held at WWoS They've been doing a lot more ESPN events lately, mostly because it's just convenient with...
  7. Next Big Thing


    As most know, up until 2005, Pleasure Island celebrated New Years Eve every single night at midnight. Downtown disney Would also have special fireworks for days like July 4th and the real NYE. They stopped doing fireworks for those special events shortly after the clubs closed. I'm not sure if...
  8. Next Big Thing

    Best day to go to Knotts?

    I'll be in SoCal from Jun 30-July 6. We're checking out Sea World on our first day, doing about two days of LA/Hollywood sight-seeing and about 4 days at DL. During those 4 days, when would be the best time to go to Knott's? We're likely going to be around DL from the 3-6. I know that's a busy...
  9. Next Big Thing

    Bike Rental?

    Is the anywhere around the DLR/Anaheim Resort area to rent bikes during a stay?
  10. Next Big Thing

    Disneyland Resort NYE Trip Report

    Let me preface by saying this was a last minute trip, so everything was pretty spontaneous. I love the Orlando all Orlando parks (Disney, Universal, Sea World), but I’ve always wanted to go to Disneyland. Just from having general knowledge of the resort, I knew that while it would be similar in...
  11. Next Big Thing

    Castle Dreamlights?

    I'm not one to usually start threads around here, I normally like to just sit back and take in info and occasionally post. However, I noticed there has been no work on installing the castle dreamlights yet, no crane on sight for it, or word of when the installation will occur (I know steve has...
  12. Next Big Thing

    Interesting tidbit...

    From the WDW 40th press release about DTD. Read the excerpt yourself: Just thought that was kind of interesting. That's really the first thing Disney has officially said concerning DTD since Hyperion Wharf.
  13. Next Big Thing

    Tangled Meet and Greet replacing Storytime with Belle

    From the Disney Parks Blog:
  14. Next Big Thing

    "Disney Channel Rocks!" replacing "High School Musical"?

    According to SK, HSM is leaving in September with the new show starting in October-November timeframe.
  15. Next Big Thing

    NBT's WDW Trip Report

    I'm back from a week long trip to WDW (27-4) and have a few notes to share with everyone: Magic Kingdom - Saw SNFS/MMM 5 times. 2 times from the park, 3 times from BLT. I found it a bit sleepy up until the Pirate part, but it really kicked in there and overall was a great fireworks show. - I...
  16. Next Big Thing

    Monthly Payment Program Begins at WDW

    From the Disney Parks Blog.... Attention Florida residents … we’ve got some great news to share for those of you looking to spread out the cost of buying Walt Disney World annual passes. Our annual pass monthly payment program is now available online. And how it works is simple. Florida...
  17. Next Big Thing

    Disney pulls $15 million permit for Little Mermaid ride
  18. Next Big Thing

    100-Lane Bowling Stadium?

    What ever happened to this? I know they announced this was going to be built at wwos so what is the deal? Economy put the project on hold for a while? I know the economy had been bad for a while, but it was supposed to have already opened and i'm not even sure they've started any work on it...
  19. Next Big Thing

    ‘The American Idol Experience’ Attraction Celebrates First Year with ‘Dream Ticket’ R

    Aaron Kelly’s ‘American Idol’ TV Show Journey Began At Walt Disney World Resort LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – In addition to recently celebrating its first year of operation in February 2010, “The American Idol Experience” attraction at Walt Disney World Resort can now celebrate the success of...
  20. Next Big Thing

    New Living Character Meet and Greets being tested at DL

    Not much more info other than the videos. Videos here:
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