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    CDC Moving to a volunteer program for cruising and COVID
  2. lostpro9het

    Trip Report We kept it on the DL…the DCL

    More details to follow but this happening…right now.
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    Good god how do we change it back?

    The layout of the trip report forum since the “upgrade”. Is there a setting to change the view so I don't see huge *** pictures and to read the first post? Maybe its a mobile issue.
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    Trip Report Going for platinum, a Pro9het surf story.

    Hello again! I debated a while if this TR would even happen but you see how that turned out. My TRs started having me feel like I was stuck in a strange version of Ground Hog Day. “Oh look there’s a DCL ship”, “Lets welcome the McGillicutty family”, “There’s Palo again”, “Castaway Cay”, and...
  5. lostpro9het

    Trip Report DCL: Collect the whole set! A Pro9het Turf’less Surf story.

    So the Cliff’s Notes version of trip details can be had here: As is usual we are celebrating our anniversary at sea with DCL. What is not usual is we are...
  6. lostpro9het

    Disney Wish

    2022 Talk amongst yourselves...
  7. lostpro9het

    San Diego > DLR transportation options

    So we're looking to take a repositioning cruise from Vancouver to San Diego and want to cap the trip off with a few nights at DLR. Any recommendations on getting from San Diego to DLR?
  8. lostpro9het

    Trip Report Buffalo, Bugs, and Beer - A lostpro9het Surf 'n' Turf report.

    Alright, alright, alright let’s get this beast going! As pointed out in the PTR, this trip had some purpose to it and I wont rehash the reasons why here. I will say that we had an amazing time saying goodbye with some great surprises along the way. With that, lets go! Saturday May 11th We got...
  9. lostpro9het

    Pre-Trip Going out in style with the Orlando Mouse: A BBFN SnT PTR

    Whelp, why not amiright? Here we are, 35ish, days away from the beginning of the end for us and the Orlando Mouse(at least for a few years). We’ve decided to let our APs run out in May and hit the Seas Mouse…hard. We’ve currently got a few DCLs planned for the next twelve months including a Surf...
  10. lostpro9het

    Trip Report COMPLETED: So why is it you’re cruising so much now: A NYE TR that doesn’t contain cruising. Now with Tuna/Egg talk!

    No real back story here or PTR to reference. We’ve been to the bubble many times. We’ve gone during Spring Break, Christmas, 4th of July, and even Memorial day. We realized we’ve never done NYE so we figured we’d give it a go. I mean, surely everyone will go home on New Year’s day leaving an...
  11. lostpro9het

    Trip Report The “lets count the ways Land is greater than World” as seen through the eyes of the #noobsfromgeorgia.

    Whelp, this may be a record start of a TR for me. I’m sitting in LAX right now waiting to board and doing my best to put off grading the 30 term papers I need to have done by Monday so why not start this report! There is no true PTR to reference for this trip other than the breadcrumbs I...
  12. lostpro9het

    Trip Report ***BOOM, DONE***No, Its not Déjà vu. It’s just that time of year again…the 20th surf ’n turf part deux. And we’re live now!

    You were with us for the 16th, 17th, the epic bungalow 18th, the 19th, and the 20/40 so why it again. I went back and forth on covering this one, TR fatigue has been biting me in the butt lately. I figured, though, that with the amount of new things we are considering for this trip it...
  13. lostpro9het

    Operation Southern Shield starts Monday across the southeast

    Just an FYI for those driving to or from the bubble this week, Smokey is on the lookout: Operation Southern Shield I
  14. lostpro9het

    Pirate Republic Brewing Company, Nassau

    So we never get off at Nassau simply because nothing there interests us. Well, beer interests us and it looks like PRB is a very short walk from the ship. Anyone been there, have feedback? We'd probably get off the ship to go grab some beer and come back aboard. I wont lie, my main concern is...
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    Does anyone else think...

    The Taj Mahal on the site's banner ad looks more realistic than the one on Soarin' over CGI?
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    The Fantasy's Sweet on You, a new thread for ChuckElias

    @ChuckElias sounded so sad that there were no new threads so this is for him! Essentially this is The Fantasy's version of Vanellope's
  17. lostpro9het

    Trip Report #tonyfromspain: A Prophet Surf ‘N Turf story

    Whelp, now that the Freestyle/Greco season is over, I’ve completed my course setup for my summer class, and I’ve finished my laundry I can kick this beast off! !!!DISCLAIMER!!! For those overly sensitive to satirical sass, poor spelling, and overall weak grammar then please feel free to excuse...
  18. lostpro9het

    Pre-Trip How to celebrate a proper 20/40 in just 18 months...

    Hello again…It seems only fitting that we invite you all along again since you were there for the first five surf n turf adventures. This time should be slightly more epic. I’ve been going back and forth about even doing a TR for this trip. After a few of these things you can start getting...
  19. lostpro9het

    Trip Report You're going when, again?!?! A live trip report from the Devil's week.

    At the shaming of @amjt660 and the guilt trip of my DW I've decided to create a dedicated thread for our next visit to the bubble. The Devil’s Week: We are 7 days out from our next round of funtivities during the “Devil’s Week”…Spring Break. The DD is heading on a band trip for the week to our...
  20. lostpro9het

    Is this popup a new WDWMagic feature?

    Every time I navigate to a new page this guy pops up in the lower right corner. Does it really need to happen every time I go to a new page?
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