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  1. wdwfanatic2004

    Grocery Shopping

    Sorry, If this the wrong forum or this question, But I am a New DVC member and was wondering where every body shops for groceries.(Cheap vs convenient):)
  2. wdwfanatic2004

    Does anyone know?

    Anybody know the name of the trailers and clips they play at the sci-fi dine in? I'd like to try and duplicate it.:)
  3. wdwfanatic2004

    Room to request at saratoga springs

    Anybody know what room or buiding to request at saratoga springs? We are headed there in may for the first time in may.:sohappy::sohappy:
  4. wdwfanatic2004

    Crowds immediatly after memorial day

    Does anyone know what the crowds are like the days right after memorial day ? Like the 27th through june 10th.
  5. wdwfanatic2004

    Disney Goes Back to the Drawing Board

    Disney Goes Back to the Drawing Board As it steps into the future, Disney is borrowing a page from its past. The house that the mouse built will be returning to its hand-drawn roots with The Frog Princess, slated to hit theaters in 2009, Walt Disney Co. announced Thursday. Set in New...
  6. wdwfanatic2004

    What do use to tote things around the world?

    We are leaving for the world next week and the wife and I had a "discussion" about what to use to tote things at the parks. As we have a 4 year old I suggested a stroller, but she said a stroller is to much trouble getting on the busses, monorails, etc. Then she suggested a backpack. Just...
  7. wdwfanatic2004

    Is it True?

    Booked my trip with AAA:brick: (mistake one)for sept. Settled for all star music :hammer: (mistake two).We changed our minds and tried to switch to the cabins, and it seems AAA is alotted just so many reservations and the AAA lady says they were all booked up. They finally said they have an...
  8. wdwfanatic2004

    Shopping or better resort?

    I recently came into a little extra cash and now it seems the disney vacation that I had planned is once again in turmoil.:eek: we are staying in the all star music resort but I have a chance to upgrade to a mod. or stay at all star and get more stuff?:veryconfu We would really like to stay...
  9. wdwfanatic2004

    What to do?

    Booked a 7 day stayat allstar music in sept, Then we decided we would like to stay at the FW cabins, I booked through AAA and called and she said they were booked up. I waited a day and called WDW and the lady said they weren't full but AAA had booked all they were allotted. My family really...
  10. wdwfanatic2004

    Is it to late to book for june?

    Can't decide when to go:brick:
  11. wdwfanatic2004

    To wait or not to wait

    The Disney website says poc will be down till at least june 30:( Want to go but I want to miss it , or go in july or august. we only get to the world every few years and dont know what to do:brick:
  12. wdwfanatic2004


    :wave: Anyone know a place to buy lanyards from home. I would like to buy some before we leave.
  13. wdwfanatic2004

    Resort tv forums down?

    are the disneycentral forums down? I can't access them at all.
  14. wdwfanatic2004

    Christmas tree catches fire at Disneyland hotel

    Associated Press <!-- begin body-content -->ANAHEIM, Calif. - A 35-foot Christmas tree caught fire in the lobby of the Disneyland Grand Californian Hotel early Wednesday but nobody suffered serious injuries, a fire official said. The hotel's sprinkler system kept the 3 a.m. blaze in check and...
  15. wdwfanatic2004

    How long?

    Does anybody know how long hcoe is gonna last?
  16. wdwfanatic2004

    Parkhopper Plus question

    :veryconfu I have six seven day PHPs from 2004 we went six days to the parks and one day to blizzard beach. Are they still good? I mean can I still use the the tickets for six days of waterpark visits and one day at the parks? I also have the miniature golf passes, what about them. If they are...
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