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  1. Rinx

    Very random Backlot Tour question

    So as most probably remember, the last part of the Backlot Tour queue was a walk through the props warehouse on the way to boarding the tram. In one aisle, a bit above eye level, was a large steam locomotive - garden railway size like Walt's CP. I forget its number but it may have had Santa Fe...
  2. Rinx

    Jellyrolls Recipe

    Anybody know what goes into the 32 oz Jellyroll drink? Not having much luck searching for it. I want to say vodka, cranberry, sprite, and either sour apple or triple sec? Now I also know they change it up a bit, too, but any variation would be appreciated :)
  3. Rinx

    Which would you rather have?

    With all the monorail conversations going on again and always, I wonder just how much the monorails mean to most folks. But there is no doubt Galaxy's Edge is highly anticipated among most members. If you were given a choice, at the conception of Star Wars Land, which would you choose...
  4. Rinx

    Is This True?!

    A little while ago I heard this from a former CM. She said Johnny Depp sometimes makes surprise appearances in MK as Jack Sparrow. I've never taken time to notice but she continued saying that Jack Sparrow never wheres his hat in the parks and that if you do see him wearing it, that means it's...
  5. Rinx

    Cast Member on 'Jeopardy'

    I hadn't watched in a few weeks but I turned Jeopardy on last night (2/17) and the 3-Day returning champion was a bus driver and trainer from Orlando. Right away I suspected he was a CM and was confirmed when he was talking about it after the first commercial break when Alex chats with the...
  6. Rinx

    This is it!

    Well...9/5 will mark my final annual trip to WDW. I am just beginning my final full week of work. Such a glorious feeling but not as amazing as I'll feel on Friday at 3:30! This will be a very bitter sweet last trip. I am so thankful to have been fortunate enough to have visited the last 23...
  7. Rinx

    Please tell me this is wrong...

    I looked at the updated menu for Pecos and do not see the taco salad on it. Anyone been there since May that can either confirm or deny this? That taco salad is by far my favorite quick service meal and often get several per trip!
  8. Rinx

    What is this nonsense?!

    First off, I will say that obviously everyone is entitled to their opinions. Now that that is out of the way, I came across two articles this morning, both from writers of "The Federalist". I know nothing about "The Federalist" or the kind of writing that goes on there, but these two articles...
  9. Rinx

    More Ride Changes

    Just got back from 12 days at WDW and while this is by no means a trip report, I would like to point out two things that really irked me. Well, they are actually the same thing on two different attractions. I don't know when they implemented this between now and last year, but Disney continues...
  10. Rinx

    How come no recognition?

    I'm very surprised that there has been no recognition for Carousel of Progress and It's A Small World for their 50th anniversary since debuting at the 1964 World's Fair. These two attractions are as classic as it gets for WDW with Walt himself having worked on both. A golden anniversary is a...
  11. Rinx

    Splitsville price changes

    It hasn't even been open that long and there is already a change to the pricing for bowling. It used to be $15 per person for 90 minutes. It is now $15 per person for 60 minutes. If you're bowling solo you could still get your money's worth but with groups of 3 or more it just seems like a...
  12. Rinx

    WDWRR - Lilly Belle

    Do they still run this locomotive? I cannot remember seeing her except for once just for the opening of MK one morning during my college program in 2009. Other than that, I have never seen her used to move guests around.
  13. Rinx

    I can't believe this happened!!

    I just returned home from a week long trip to WDW with my girlfriend. I was extremely excited going down because she has never been before...well that excitement quickly vanished when we got there and discovered the massive amounts of Brazilian Tour Groups. Not just in the parks but in our...
  14. Rinx

    Adding your own magical touch to the holidays

    Aside from a few ornaments on the tree and the Mickey shaped cookies I baked, I don't really have many Disney related holiday decorations so I incorporated my own "Hidden Mickey" into my living room. Can you spot it? What kind of Disney decorations do you include in your holiday displays?
  15. Rinx

    Sick from Cosmic Rays...anyone else?

    My dad, brother and myself ate at Cosmic Rays on 8/21. We all had burgers from Bay 3 and all got sick. Me the most and still feeling the effects of a sleepless night and extensive vomiting. Just curious if anyone else experienced any trouble.
  16. Rinx

    WDW's 40th...Where's the hype?

    How come there are no decorations around the parks or stores overcrowded with 40th Anniversary merchandise? Since it's not until October, can we expect to see some decorations and stuff following the actual date?
  17. Rinx

    Death at MK???

    I know no details but I heard someone died at MK (4/9). Any details if it was attraction related or even true at all? Hope not, but can't help to be curious.
  18. Rinx

    Old Epcot show circa 1991

    Hey everyone. I was watching an old family video of a trip to WDW. I do not personally remember much because I was just 2 years old at the time. It was 1991 and in Epcot there was a daytime fireworks show in World Showcase Lagoon. It included red and yellow kites/gliders synchronized with...
  19. Rinx

    Best of the best: Disney's All-Star Park

    There are many contenders throughout the four theme parks, but who will make the cut. Well, you decide! Here's how it works: Create your own ultimate Disney park by combining your favorites and putting them together in one place. To make it interesting, here is a limit on what you may...
  20. Rinx

    Planner or Winger?

    Do you plan your WDW vacation to the day? To the exact minute? Or do you go and do whatever you'd like when ever you're feeling it?
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