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  1. Wikkler

    Shanghai Disneyland Revealed

    Yesterday, Disney revealed much of what will be going into Shanghai Disneyland when it opens next year. Parks Blog Link. For starter's, here's a scale model of the entire park. Also, here's a construction time-lapse. \ The resort from the air:
  2. Wikkler

    The Long Debate Solved

    Since Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 people have been debating about what park/resort has the most attractions. Wait no more. I only counted rides that have perceived movement by the guest. Vibrations don't count. The resort with the most rides... is... Disneyland Resort in California. A few...
  3. Wikkler

    Custom Disney Parks Maps

    This is currently underway, and I haven't even scratched the surface of the parks yet, but here's Beauty and the Beast land: The camo pattern is obviously foliage, the blue is water, and the pink is for buildings in Fantasyland.
  4. Wikkler

    Disney's America Reboot

    What if Disney's America got a reboot? (For those who didn't read the title) What periods of history would be represented? I know @RandySavage did a plan of this, but it's been taken off his website like most of the other plans, so...
  5. Wikkler

    The Big Long List of Deceased Disney RIDES

    This list only includes attractions with RIDE VEHICLES that moved through DIFFERENT SCENES. So sorry, Cranium Command, the Pocahontas thing, and SpectroMagic aren't here as they aren't rides. The list doesn't also include versions of an attraction that currently exist, so the original...
  6. Wikkler

    Unsure Which Parks to Pick

    We might go on a 7 full day trip next year and are wondering what parks to pick. Thanks.
  7. Wikkler

    The W Games: Imagineering Tournament

    The rules are simple and are definitely not copied from Theme Park Apprentice. You get 10 challenges to complete. Each round, 1 person gets eliminated. Whoever is left at the end of round 10 will be the winner. I just need 11 people to sign up (Don't ask how I got that number). When 11 people...
  8. Wikkler

    Possible August-September 2015 Trip

    We want to go for 6 full days to Orlando in August and September but we aren't exactly sure what places we should visit. We definitely want an MK day, an EP day, a break day, and a IA day, but we aren't sure what to do with the other 2 days.
  9. Wikkler

    Would you rather go to Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios?

    Really trying to decide which one to pick for a possible trip next year.
  10. Wikkler

    Hypothetical 1-Week Trip

    This is probably the wrong forum, but what would you recommend doing for a 1 week trip? We might go in August 2015. Is this itinerary bad? Day 1 - Fly in, relax Day 2 - Animal Kingdom, then Hollywood Studios Day 3 - Epcot Day 4 - SeaWorld Day 5 - Relax at Discovery Cove, then have dinner at...
  11. Wikkler

    Water Parks Question

    Will there ever be FP+ for slides? ;)
  12. Wikkler

    Moms Panel

    They seem pretty professional, and I thought they were right all the time, then I read this: Lady, you just wasted a FastPass. If I'm not mistaken, that's the time there's no line.
  13. Wikkler

    How to take advantage of FastPass+?

    I've never used FP+, don't take my word for it, but here's what I think might be the secret to using the new system. Spend 2 days at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. At Epcot you get 2 tier 1 FP+s if you stay for two days, which means having a reservation for both Soarin' and Test Track. At Magic...
  14. Wikkler

    The Frozen Chit-Chat Thraed

    If you haven't,
  15. Wikkler

    Hi I'm Olaf

  16. Wikkler

    You're Watching TV When...

  17. Wikkler

    When was the best time to go to Epcot?

    I vote Mid 90s. To be very specific, from November 23, 1994 (Spaceship Earth 94 opens) to December 1994 (When Horizons shut its doors for a short time) A list of reasons why: Spaceship Earth 94 A sea pavilion without cartoon fish An energy pavilion without an annoying actor Horizons is still...
  18. Wikkler

    New Touring Plan for Magic Kingdom

    We were originally going to bring my grandmother, but we decided it was not worth the extra money. Our oldest son has Asperger's Syndrome and has hip problems, so we are using a DAS. Get a Space Mountain DAS return time Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover Tomorrowland Speedway Buzz...
  19. Wikkler

    Food & Wine Festival - Drunkytown?

    Food & Wine Festival is definitively turning into an alcoholic nightmare, according to people who go to Epcot on fall weekends.
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