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  1. k.hunter30

    Boma menu cycle

    Does anyone know the weekly schedule by which Boma's menu cycles? Last time we went to WDW, we went to Boma twice but picked the two weekdays that featured the exact same menu. We are going twice again, but would like to experience (even just slightly) varried menus.
  2. k.hunter30

    Packing & pre-trip purchase list

    What do you buy ahead of time to bring to WDW for your kiddos? I'm on the lookout for the perfect Disney outfits for my little boy and girl. Any other goodies to bring and not worry about purchasing in WDW ($$$)? What have you found are the best and most convenient snacks to bring? We're...
  3. k.hunter30

    Busiest days of the week for each park?

    It's been way too long since I've been to WDW. Could someone remind me which days of the week are "supposed" to be the busiest for each park? For some reason, Sundays in the MK rings a bell...
  4. k.hunter30

    If your family could only eat at 3 sit-downs

    ...where would YOU go? Our group will include 4 adults and 2 toddlers (3- and 2-year olds). Never having taken little ones to The World, but definitely having our own grown-up favorites, I'm wondering which restaurants are not-to-miss from the eyes of parents. I'm not necessarily looking...
  5. k.hunter30

    4 adults, a 3- & 2-yr-old: Where to Stay?

    My husband and I will be in Orlando for a conference in April and have been going back and forth on whether or not to bring the kiddos for their first visit to WDW. If we do, my parents will come along and watch them for the 2 days we are at the conference. So the question is.... where would be...
  6. k.hunter30

    DSAA song?

    Does anyone know anything about the catching jingle that currently serves as the "theme song" for the Disney Studios All Access teaser? Name of song? Artist? "As sly as a fox, as strong as an ox, as fast as a hare, as brave as a bear..." :)
  7. k.hunter30

    Where to stay for trip with 2 toddlers

    I would love any and all advice you may have... My husband and I plan to take our two kiddos (at the time of the trip, son will be almost 3, daughter will be 20 months) and my parents to WDW this fall. I have only ever stayed on property, but am thinking perhaps it would be better to stay...
  8. k.hunter30

    A Request during Adoption Awareness Month

    Hi wdwmagic friends! In the past, I've seen several people post personal requests asking for votes to win a contest or for support in some way. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit here, but I have a similar request. Our family was asked to be featured in a online magazine called...
  9. k.hunter30


    I am considering purchasing a netbook within the next few months. The laptop we have now is about eight years old, so it's been a while since I bought a computer. I'm hoping to gather some information from any of you who are knowledgeable about or own a netbook. DH and I will be traveling...
  10. k.hunter30

    Happy Birthday DisneySam!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMIE!! :sohappy::sohappy::sohappy::sohappy: Have a birthday button: ...and a cupcake: Love ya! :kiss:
  11. k.hunter30

    Sprint Evo 4G phone

    Anyone thinking about purchasing one? DH needs a new phone, and he's been eye-ing this one. Has anyone read any reviews? Have any opinions?
  12. k.hunter30

    Easter dinner anyone?

    Every year DH and I host Easter "dinner," which is actally a late lunch/early dinner for reasons too boring to explain here. Anyways... for whatever reason, I can't remember all of the side dishes that we have served in the past. Do any of you cook a special Easter meal? Any suggestions on...
  13. k.hunter30

    Gluten-Free Diet

    Are any of you on the "G-Free" diet? Have you ever tried it? Know someone who's on it? It seems like a very hard diet to stick to, having to eliminate wheat and grains. For someone who doesn't have the time to prepare many meals from scratch, would it be feasible? Are the gluten-free products...
  14. k.hunter30

    Coaching Upward Sports for kids???

    Okay, this is a long shot, but I thought I'd give it a try... Is anyone familiar with Upward Sports? I would think it would most commonly be a program that a church might have, though other organizations may host it as well. It's a sports program for kids Kindergarden through fifth or sixth...
  15. k.hunter30

    What else should we do?

    DH, my parents and I are visiting a relative in Orange County for 7 days/8 nights in just a few weeks. We're definitely going to DL/DCA for two of those days. We are also thinking of possibly driving down to San Diego either for the day or getting a hotel and doing something there for two days...
  16. k.hunter30

    How To...

    There seem to be so many techniques and ideas that this "green"-to-scrapbooking-gal just doesn't know how to pull off. I thought I'd start a support-like thread for those with "how to..." questions like me. In making one of those small chipboard albums, what's the best way to adhere the...
  17. k.hunter30

    Estelle Getty passes

    :( LOS ANGELES - Estelle Getty, the diminutive actress who spent 40 years struggling for success before landing a role of a lifetime in 1985 as the sarcastic octogenarian Sophia on TV’s “The Golden Girls,” has died. She was 84. Getty, who suffered...
  18. k.hunter30

    WDW infant attire online

    The only friends we have who can parallel our love for WDW just had their first baby! :sohappy: I really want to send them a WDW-specific baby item. Any suggestions on online places that may be of use for me? They love all things Disney, so I bet they'll get quite a bit of regular Disney...
  19. k.hunter30


    Did anyone get the new Sprint Samsung Instinct yet? DH is considering getting it; but I'd love to hear what some other people think about it.
  20. k.hunter30

    Happy Birthday DisneySam!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMIE!!! :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: A QUARTER OF A CENTURY !!!! WOOHOO!!! These guys wanted to wish you a happy birthday too: :lookaroun they look kind of angry though... party p00pers... How about this: ah, yes, much better! Oh! And we should all have a feast at...
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