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  1. EPCOT.nut

    Best alcoholic beverages?

    I'll report back :lol:. Sometimes they will advertise the brand of alcohol they use at FAWF so it shouldn't be hard to find that out.
  2. EPCOT.nut

    Get a free Passholder 2012 calendar starting December 2

    Awwww, c'mon - you know you want to come back. :)
  3. EPCOT.nut

    Best alcoholic beverages?

    I should have tried that a few weeks ago when I was there - I almost did but then I didn't. I'm going back one more time this year, so I have once more chance....:dazzle::)
  4. EPCOT.nut

    NTSB releases final report on monorail accident

    :cry::cry::cry: The picture of the accident breaks my heart.
  5. EPCOT.nut

    Why can't they keep Toontown open just until after presidents week?

    LOL I didn't want to say it like it is but yeah.... I feel bad because the little kids enjoy the houses, but look at the new marketing for even the little kids. The 'traditional' Mickey memorabilia is dwarfed by all the princess marketing. I guess it's just time for change.
  6. EPCOT.nut

    Why can't they keep Toontown open just until after presidents week?

    I never cared for Toontown - no childhood memories associated with that part of the park. So many really great rides and attractions have closed over the years I stop asking WHY and just accept that Disney is not my personal playground. It's a business and it's constantly going through changes...
  7. EPCOT.nut

    Creystal Palace- really that bad?

    There's a lot of 'breakfast food' that I really don't like very much, but I still managed to get my money's worth at Crystal Palace. Go for it! Don't worry about what other people say. Enjoy the atmosphere, its very very cheerful and upbeat in there! :lol::D A hint - Disney fruit is sweeter...
  8. EPCOT.nut

    Cinderella Castle looks bigger than it really is

    Disney Magic! :king:
  9. EPCOT.nut


    Holy Resurrected thread, Batman. :lookaroun
  10. EPCOT.nut

    Epic Mickey on Wii

    I'm too lazy to do research! LOL!! Isn't it enough that I know all the Disney abbreviations? (Geekyness doesn't help as much in the game as I would like.) :lol:
  11. EPCOT.nut

    Epic Mickey on Wii

    I die lots, too, but I don't care. I do get a little frustrated when I can't figure out what to do.....:o
  12. EPCOT.nut

    Pirates Restaurant?

    HAHA! These threads always go from excited musings to LOGISTICS. :lol::lol::lol: I may not be able to chime in about the floor plan of the existing structure, but I can speak for people I know who would eat up the Jack Sparrow theme.
  13. EPCOT.nut

    Pirates Restaurant?

    Oh, I can only imagine if they milked the Jack Sparrow character they'd have a successful TS. There's so much princess stuff around, anyone with little boys would be happy to have the pirate dining theme!
  14. EPCOT.nut

    Epic Mickey on Wii

    I wish I were more skilled with the video games but I'm really not all that good with too many buttons, evidently. :dazzle: At least I can play EPIC Mickey pretty decently, and I don't mind dying and repeating scenes because it's just so creative. What a great game!
  15. EPCOT.nut

    Disney Store Disappointment

    Hoopla! :sohappy: Our Disney Store closed so many years ago I can't really remember what it looked like. :(
  16. EPCOT.nut

    What's with the "Eye-Rolling" and Negativity.

    AMEN. And if a thread does get too negative I just stop reading it. Works well for me. I've been a member of Magic for a while now, too, and I've been involved in some particularly nasty threads :lol::lookaroun but the ones I always remember are the killer ones or the funny ones. Like the...
  17. EPCOT.nut

    Help me choose...

    I voted for Food & Wine, but then again I got married during Food & Wine just so we would have EPIC wedding anniversaries to pig out at EPCOT. :o:D It just seemed like the logical choice.
  18. EPCOT.nut

    I seemed to remember a scene in Spaceship Earth different. Was it?

    The Phoenicians? We have to thank them! :lol: I hope they get them moving again, too. It was cooler when it was a working scene.
  19. EPCOT.nut

    I can't stand the abbreviations

    :cry::cry::cry: I knew I had no life. So is this an early warning sign? I know all the abbreviations...............:o:o
  20. EPCOT.nut

    What are you listening to right now?

    I love that Dtunes has area music.
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