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  1. greebomusic

    Pre-Trip I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!

    What? An actual attempt at a pre-trip report. (We'll see about an actual "trip report", but my better half assures me there will be a lot of pics this trip). Me: Greebo (old) DW: Greebette (spectacular) DS1: Greeboi (11) DS2: GreeToddler (3) Arriving Dec. 2nd and departing Dec. 9th...
  2. greebomusic

    Has it really come to this?????

    Read this today. Not sure if it's old new or not but, come on! Hiring handicap guides to cut lines?
  3. greebomusic

    Vero Beach Resort for a change of pace.

    Hi all! I've been away from the board for quite some time now. Not that I expect anyone to have noticed. ;) Heading down to the Vero Beach Resort in 34 days. I'll have the always lovely Greebette and my sons Greeboy1 and Greeboy2 (9 and 1 respectively). While we expect to spend the vast...
  4. greebomusic

    Water park vs. Towels

    Stupid question... and boy am I the one to ask it! We're going to Typhoon Lagoon for the first time this trip and started wondering about towels. Supplied or do we need to bring them? If not supplied, would we bring towels from the resort or are we going to have to pack some and bring...
  5. greebomusic

    High Chairs

    Hi all, Are high chairs available in room at the deluxe villas by request? Rentals? Lap feeding an 8 month old doesn't seem like something I want to attempt. Thanks in advance!
  6. greebomusic

    PTR: First time... please be gentle?

    Well Hi There! Feel a bit out of sorts doing this, but I enjoy reading everyone else's so much that it seemed like the right thing to do. So here goes.... (jitters) We're a family of thre.... errr... four now! Traveling from the Magic Mitten to the Magic Kingdom as often as time and money...
  7. greebomusic

    Dwarf Punk! Just for fun..

    Ran across this and brought a smile. Thought I'd try and share that smile.
  8. greebomusic

    Lone Ranger

    Anyone hear about this? (discovered at I'm geeked and nervous!
  9. greebomusic

    First visit to Disneyland!

    Having never been, we just booked a week at the Disneyland Hotel with premium view. Suggestions? Hints? We're not expecting WDW and plan to enjoy the resort on it's own merits. Any info would be appreciated! I AM SO GEEKED! :sohappy:
  10. greebomusic

    Disneyland Express

    Any reviews, suggestions or tips regarding Disneyland Express from LAX to the Grand Californian?
  11. greebomusic

    Suggestions please?

    Just found out that we have another child on the way. :sohappy: So, instead of the big Hawaiian vacation next year to celebrate our anniversary, we've opted for a WDW vacation with the first born before the arrival of the addition. Sort of a last "you're the only thing in our lives" trip for...
  12. greebomusic


    Can anyone tell me who sings the song Discovery from Mission Space? I keep hearing it on a streaming site yet can't seem to find the artist. What a voice! Thanks in advance.
  13. greebomusic

    Sanaa for a firstimer

    Hi all, Just recently returned from a trip to the World. I know in the past I and a few others asked about Sanaa so, I thought I'd share my "review". It was our last night and we were celebrating my wife's birthday and college graduation. At 180 days I let her choose where to make our ADR...
  14. greebomusic

    Yes, Another Christmas Light Show

    Hi All, My small contribution to the holiday spirit. Seems yet another family goes all out with a light display for the holidays. The catch with this one is two part for me. One, it's in my current city of work\residence and two, the music they use for part of the display. Proudly shown here...
  15. greebomusic

    Just a little help please?

    Hi all, Thanks for taking a sec to read this. I've already booked my AKKV stay for May. While down there we will be celebrating my wife's birthday. I have a couple quick questions regarding a dinner to celebrate the occassion. As DVC members, how far out can I make an ADR or does it not...
  16. greebomusic

    Hi there!

    Hi everyone! We've made 3 Disney trips in the past calander year (1 day, 1 week ASM, and a long weekend at SS). Broke down and became DVC members with our first stay at our home resort scheduled for 5/10 (Kidani Village). Really love the insider info and secrets and looking forward to many years...
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