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  1. mkt

    News Disney power broker at the heart of Anaheim 'cabal' - Los Angeles Times

    Here's the article: and a paywall bypass link.
  2. mkt

    My next trip will be my next one until the next one.

    Why not. I live in Florida, I've got a kid, and as the vibe of the boards reads, the parks should be nice and empty. It will be nice for my wife and I to feast around the world with the kiddo in his bjorn just enjoying the day, not worried about the masses.
  3. mkt

    Universal Orlando brings back indoor face mask policy
  4. mkt

    ‘We’re putting people who are visiting Disney in danger.’ Firefighters say they are short-handed at theme park And because paywall, here you go:
  5. mkt

    Hummer EV

    Looks like Doug DeMuro loves it
  6. mkt

    In times of short-staffing, is Disney being flexible on rehire?

    Let's find out. I have a no-rehire status, and previous attempts to apply online have met with immediate rejection. For fun, I applied for a few roles yesterday. So far, no auto-rejections. All are still pending. Let's see what happens.
  7. mkt

    Breeze Airways to TPA

    This one is just curiosity, since Breeze Airways is seemingly very cheap, and TPA is an hour away from the parks... has anyone flown them or considered it? If so, what are your impressions?
  8. mkt

    Our new road trip car, baby hauler - coming soon to a WDW parking lot near you.

    I didn't intend to get a "new" car today. But a high trade in quote, combined with some upcoming expensive repairs, and an ok deal on a used car, led me to come out majorly ahead. Here's the story: My wife had a 2017 Mazda CX-5 Touring that she loved. Really I loved it too. It got us to and...
  9. mkt

    EV Charging at Disney Springs

    This is a bit of a rant... but I'll start with the good. The good: I've never seen the EV charging spots at Disney Springs ICE'd... The meh: least not in the traditional sense, but I did see Teslas that weren't even plugged in parked there. So here's the bad: Disney previously used...
  10. mkt

    Walt Disney World 50th anniversary license plates now available in Florida

    Time to go to the tag agency or tax collector...
  11. mkt

    Breeze Airways flying in/out of TPA

    Just an FYI for those who want to save some money on airfare, Breeze Airways is a new Low Cost Carrier flying to/from Tampa International Airport, which is an hour's drive from WDW by car. The airline was started by David Neeleman, the founder of Jetblue, Azul Air, and Westjet - so it's legit...
  12. mkt

    New daily driver

    Well, not new, but CPO'd. 2018 Chevy Volt. It's a low mileage (23k) lease return that was priced about $5 under blue book from a franchised Chevy dealer, so I jumped on it. Volts tend to sell quickly in Miami, especially when they're reasonably priced, so when my sales rep at Autonation told...
  13. mkt

    EZ Pass officially accepted on all Florida toll roads

    Just a heads up, as of late last week, EZ Pass is accepted on all Florida toll roads. Previously it was only accepted on Orlando area toll roads managed by the Central Florida Expressway Authority.
  14. mkt

    M1 vs Intel Macbook Pro - for a graphic designer

    That's the question. I tend to go through PC laptops every 2 years, but 5-10 years for my Macs. If you had to pick an M1 or an Intel Macbook Pro as a graphic designer, which would you take?
  15. mkt

    Sharing a tip for roadtrippers to WDW - Uni toll transponder

    My wife and I are presently planning a road trip from Florida to the Northeast, but I know many do it the other way. We have a Sunpass, which works in Florida and a few southern states, but nowhere else. Well, 5 minutes of research later, and we found out about Uni. It's the only toll...
  16. mkt

    Disney stopped paying author royalties
  17. mkt

    Fort Wilderness Questions

    So, my wife and I have been considering a long weekend in Ft Wilderness using the smallest campsite, and we're curious as to 1- What's the restroom and shower situation there in COVID times? Are the comfort stations being cleaned more often, and 2- Would there be issues showing up with an SUV...
  18. mkt

    Can't Wear a Facemask at UO? You can wear a face shield.

    Via Effective tomorrow (Thursday, June 25), Guests who have a disability that prevents them from wearing a face covering must speak to a Guest Services Coordinator who will inform them of the alternate accommodation, which is to wear a face shield during their visit. A white...
  19. mkt

    The effect of J-1 visa issuance suspension and World Showcase CM's

    Just my curiosity, but since the Trump administration has suspended issuance of J-1 visas, which are one of the two main kinds of visas issued to World Showcase CM's (the other being Q-1), I'm curious what kind of long-term effect this may have on the parks - specifically Epcot - returning to a...
  20. mkt

    Brightline making plans to stop at Walt Disney World As a resident of South Florida, I can't wait for this to happen. This will make more regular visits to WDW a reality, and by eliminating the need to drive, it could even make day trips a possibility.
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