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  1. PolynesianPrincess

    Swan / Dolphin to MK

    I just read recently that buses from Swan and Dolphin to MK are now operated by Mears and only go as far as TT&C. Has anyone had experience with this recently? If so, how early did the buses start running from S&D? We might walk over to BW or YC instead on our MK mornings to make sure we get...
  2. PolynesianPrincess

    Pre-Trip Back to the world for Flower and Garden Festival and (more importantly!) a birthday!!!

    Hello ladies and gents! Darolyn here! I’ve met some of you in previous trip reports as I used to post A LOT back in 2010-2015. I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting some of y’all in real life! WOOT!! I stopped writing TR’s right before I moved from Maine to Texas as we started going too...
  3. PolynesianPrincess

    Current Wait Times and Park Hours

    I'll be down at WDW the end of next week and I've been keeping watch over the wait times the last couple weeks. There has been a pretty dramatic increase in wait times across all parks. I noticed earlier today that if we wanted to hit the top 6 attractions with the longest wait times at MK, it...
  4. PolynesianPrincess

    Cake Pops!!

    Has anyone been to WDW recently and happen to notice if there have been any cake pops to be found? We used to be able to find cake pops at the Confectionary, Big Top Circus and Zuris Sweets in AK. I have seen some pics of the Confectionary lately and it seems they have made snacks pretty...
  5. PolynesianPrincess

    Anyone stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge villas Jambo recently?

    We just booked 7 nights in a savannah view studio room at Jambo House for the end of next month. I know the rest of the resort aside from DVC rooms are not open and that Kidani IS open. I'm a little annoyed that there is NO quick service available and Sanaa only offers QS breakfast. Is there...
  6. PolynesianPrincess

    Looking to rent 9/25-10/4

    Hi there!! We're currently booked at Pop Century but we've been looking at renting points through DVC. I figured I would ask anyone here if they're trying to get rid of any points first before we book online. Let me know! We're going to make our decision to rent or not within about 2 weeks!
  7. PolynesianPrincess

    Hitchhiking Ghosts popcorn buckets at MK

    Hey yall! Headed down to the World tomorrow and I know the ghost popcorn buckets / sippers have been seen at MK early on during the Halloween parties but I was wondering if anyone has seen them recently. If so, has it been during the parties or regular park hours? I have searched online and...
  8. PolynesianPrincess

    Pre-Trip The “finally taking a trip without running a Disney race” PTR

    Hey y’all!!! Remember me?? It’s been awhile since I’ve posted! A LONG while!! But my pal @ShookieJones mentioned WDWMagic to me this morning and I decided to come on over and see what’s going on here! And while I’m at it, I’ll write a pre-trip report!! For those who don’t remember me, or those...
  9. PolynesianPrincess

    No more room service Mickey Rice Krispy treats?!

    I'm hoping this was just a temporary thing, but, I just read from someone on the Magic that room service was NOT offering Mickey rice krispy treats! :( Has anyone else tried recently to order these beauties with no luck? If not I'll have to take one for the team here and try to order tem when...
  10. PolynesianPrincess

    Excursions and Valubles

    Hey fellow cruisers! As we get ready for our cruise in November, I thought to myself "what are we going to do with our valubles on our jetski excursion?!" That never even crossed my mind before now. We will all have our passports and room keys with us (of course) and I will have my DSLR camera...
  11. PolynesianPrincess

    Waitlist for cabanas

    So unfortunately (but not surprisingly) a cabana was not available for us to book for November. I keep checking daily (ok, I may or may not just continually hit refresh on my browser all day long at work, but don't tell my boss that!) with no luck yet! I believe I read somewhere that when you...
  12. PolynesianPrincess

    AP discounts for the resorts

    Hey guys and gals! We're currently planning a cruise in November but if my sisters company strikes in August, we might have to change our plans. Looking at Disneyland as a backup since we enjoyed it so much in April! :) We're looking at 6 days in the parks if we go and going to purchase an AP...
  13. PolynesianPrincess

    Magic Band and room only bookings (no park days)

    I searched but didn't find anything so forgive me if I missed it. Does anyone know if people who book room only, no park tickets get MBs? We are staying 1 night at Beach Club Villas in November and not doing any parks. I know Stormalong Bay now required a MB to enter but where we are not doing...
  14. PolynesianPrincess

    New Family Beach Cabanas Being Built

    I searched for this topic but didn't see it posted so I apologize if someone already reported this... but I just saw some photos online that they are building 4 additional cabanas on the family beach at Castaway! They should be ready sometime this summer. Smart move for DCL since the cabanas...
  15. PolynesianPrincess

    Changes to Holiday Cruises!

    Not sure if there were any changes to the Halloween cruises, but I know there were changes to the Christmas cruises. Last year (2013) the Christmas cruises started November 9th so we were excited to book our cruise for 2014 for that week knowing it would be a holiday cruise. Imagine our...
  16. PolynesianPrincess

    Anyone going on the November 8 sailing on the Fantasy?

    I will be onboard and was wondering if any of the fabulous WDWMagic members will be there as well! It's always fun to meet new people! :)
  17. PolynesianPrincess

    And we're back!!

    So my sister and I got home late last night (or early this morning actually) after our first DLR trip and I must say, we will DEFINITELY be back!! We loved it! :) I went into it not really knowing what to expect and tried so hard not to compare it to WDW (which was difficult) but it really is...
  18. PolynesianPrincess

    Trip Report UPDATE 11/2 "Anyone have change for $100?" It's all about the Bennys, baby! A Girls Cruise TR!

    Hey everyone! Since we’ve been back from this trip for over 6 months now and I’ve taken another WDW trip and another cruise, I figured it was time to write this report! I’m not sure I have ever anticipated a trip to WDW more in my life than I anticipated this one! Was it because I was going to...
  19. PolynesianPrincess

    Upgrading to Premier Annual Passport

    I've been doing some number crunching for our trip to Disneyland in April, figuring out ticket prices and what not. A 5 day park hopper ticket is $300. Currently we have a WDW AP that we purchased for $611 in May of last year. Looking at the figures, it looks like I could upgrade my WDW AP to a...
  20. PolynesianPrincess

    Disney Dream departure dates from PC changed?

    Hey everyone! I was looking at the schedule for the Dream for the rest of the year and it occured to me that somewhere during the year, the departure date for the cruises change from departing Sunday for the 4 night cruise and Thursday for the 3 night cruise to Monday for the 4 nighter and...
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