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    When Is The Grand Floridian DVC Going On Sale?

    I was searching through this forum to see when the GF DVC is expected to go on sale. I can't seem to find it through search. Does anyone know the tentative for sale date is?
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    Just Got A PIN!!

    I feel like a superstar! :-D My sister and I have been planning a trip to WDW in June 2012 for my niece's high school graduation gift. I've been looking at different dates/resorts through my Disney account trying to see how much it would cost us. I guess this was enough to get Disney's...
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    Magical Express without Flying....

    I had a crazy idea pop in my head the other night. I am terrified of flying so I always drive to WDW. I was thinking of renting a car for my next trip instead of putting 2,000 miles on my car again. It would make more sense to rent a car one way each way so I wouldn't have to pay for a car...
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    Disney Pins

    I'm an avid pin collector, acquiring several each trip to WDW. I have one purse I display them on while around the parks, but it has become rather full of pins! I'm thinking that my next trip to WDW I'm going to downgrade to a lanyard and only purchase new pins to put on it during my trip...
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    Booking Dining Plan For Only A Few People

    Hey everyone! I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but I have a question. My sister and I are planning a trip in 2012 to WDW. We are thinking about sharing a cabin at Fort Wilderness with both of our families. My husband and I absolutely love the Dining Plan and want to purchase...
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    Hello from Delaware!

    Hi everybody! I'm Margaret and I'm new to posting here. I've been a creeper on the site for a few years now, but my husband's constant updating here made me want to be able to put my opinion in every once and awhile. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to the magic of WDW. My first trip was...
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