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  1. castlecake

    2 specific qeustions...

    Hi Guys! I have a couple of questions that have to do with Disney. First, I was wondering if the Disney parks have the 'Interac" debit system that you can use to pay for merchandise? Second, does anyone have a picture of the sports store on Main St USA? When we move I am theming my...
  2. castlecake


    BREAkiNG NEWS: Walt Disney World will continue to host their 100 Years of Magic Celebration untill Feburary 28, 2003. It was planned to end at the end of the Year as previous celebrations did, but will be extended to give guests more time to get to Walt Disney World to see the celebration...
  3. castlecake

    Avatar help please!

    Could someone please make this the correct size for an avatar? Thanks alot!:king: Look the "Disney Point":lol:
  4. castlecake

    worst CM Costum

    worst CM Costume What, in your opinion, is the worst Cast Member costume? I dont like the fantasyland costumes, they are too, I dont know they just need a change! Also, no offence Fantasia Boi, I think the monorail uniforms(along with all Disney Transport costumes) should be updated...
  5. castlecake

    Avatar help

    Could somone please make this a bit smaller so i could use it as my avatar? Thanks!:) Im sorry this should be in digital media, but it wont let me delete it:veryconfu
  6. castlecake

    Disney's SC2, The Mrs ClausE

    The trailer has just been released for Disney's The Santa Clause 2, the Mrs ClausE! Go to, and click on the trailer link. Also the official website is Bernard is back too! Enjoy!
  7. castlecake

    Canada Day Trivia

    This Monday, July First, is Canada Day!!! Here are some Canadian trivia questions: 1) Winnie the Pooh was named after what Canadian city? 2) Canada Day was originaly called: A) Empire Day B) Dominion Day...
  8. castlecake

    Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone

    Harry Potter broke records in Great Britian selling ove 1 million copies in the first day of release. Also Christopher Columbus said he will not be producing Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban because he "misses America and his family" I have always wondered why Disney never bought the...
  9. castlecake

    Dineyland/Le Pais de Disney Canada

    I think Disney should seriously consider building a Dineyland in Canada. People say that it would be too cold in the winter, but it snows in France and Japan and it didn't stop them from building there! During the summer months it can get extremel hot up here. I think it should be built in...
  10. castlecake

    Stupid Bloc Quebecois

    Today Canada offered to send Our condolences to our head of state the Queen on the death of her Queen Mum. The Bloc Quebecois, the political party trying to get the Province of Quebec out of Canada blocked the letter from being sent because it refered to canadians and Members of Parliament as...
  11. castlecake

    WDW's Haunted Mansion to Phantom Manor

    On a recent trip I noticed HM is really showing its age especially in the stretching room and attic/graveyard. I think they should make the HM into PM. I no I have said this before but I think this would be rally cool. Be back in a bit with script/scene Ideas any suggestions?
  12. castlecake

    AA's when rides break down

    I have a fear that a ride like PotC or anoter ride with lots of audio animitronics will break down, and to exit you will have to walk beside the aa's to get to the emergency exit. I had an "incident" with an aa and now am extremely afraid of them. So my question, Do they turn them off when the...
  13. castlecake

    COP Has a sponser!!!(sorta)

    You may not no this, but Walt Disney's Carousell of Progress has a sponser, :brick: The sponser is The Tomorrowland Metro-Retro Society. I read this last night in the Since the World Begain Book, and thats how they made COP fit in to the theme of the NEW Tomorrowland. They were also the...
  14. castlecake

    Things you notice

    :hammer: Have you ever noticed any mistakes at WDW? They can be names of rides or things in rides, or even signs. I will name 3 I have noticed; 1) The building Timekeeper is in is called "Metropolis Science Centre" they spelt "center", "centre" Now correct me if I'm wrong but doesnt the...
  15. castlecake

    Change HM to Phantom Manor?

    :drevil: I just saw a video of DLP's phantom manor and it looks way beteer then WDW's HM. I think PM has way better theming especialy when you first get on the doombuggies, there is a grand staircase and windows with a thunder storm outside and all that, at wdw all there is is a black wall...
  16. castlecake

    Half mast flags

    Does anyone knoe if they lower the flags on main street to hal mast when tragedies like the one tuesday happen? Also tomorrow is declared a day of mournig in Canada.
  17. castlecake

    Cnadian CM

    How does the college program or whatever its called work? I want to work at epcot in the canada pavillion but i dont know how to get hired. HELP!!!
  18. castlecake

    CoP to b demolished

    I just read a thing about CoP at a website, I think it was, or something like that, anyway it says that CoP is to be demolished next year! THIS IS NO JOKE !!!!!!how could diznee do this it was walt's babay if that site is telling the truth disney has trully made a bad mistake!
  19. castlecake

    Help Help Help

    :confused: how do you get those pictures underneath your name on the disscusion board i want to put a picture of the castle when it was a cake :p
  20. castlecake

    Epcot Centre (Canada)

    Somewhere on this site it said There was an object Beside the "Hotel Du Canada" That reflects Canada's Brittish influence. I'm from Canada and last time I was there I didn't see what it was. oh yeah it also said the ob ject is actually located in niagra falls canada, is it a Statue of Queen...
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