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  1. GrumpyFan

    Rumor Major merchandise shortages

    Spoke with a merchandise CM today at DHS who said that half the stores on Sunset are shut down at because they don’t have enough merchandise. This seems consistent with what I saw elsewhere with lots of Halloween and Christmas merch still out. Also, in December while at All Stars saw they were...
  2. GrumpyFan

    Galactic Star Cruiser ideas for activities

    I was having a discussion with someone recently, about story lines that Lucasfilm should pursue for future shows/movies, and it turned into an idea for a potential activity that could be used for Galactic Star Cruiser guests. One of them that seemed like a great idea was the scene from The...
  3. GrumpyFan

    Why isn’t there resort-wide food delivery service on property?

    With the rise of Uber eats, Door dash, and other such services, I’m real surprised Disney hasn’t created their own such service for guests staying on property. It just seems like something that could be profitable for them. I couldn’t see them doing park food, but certainly food from other...
  4. GrumpyFan

    Status of weddings?

    Does anyone know if Disney is still allowing (booking) weddings on property? Looking at planning one for April 2021.
  5. GrumpyFan

    Huge pile of dirt in MK parking lot?

    Does anyone know what's with the huge pile of dirt in the MK parking lot? Where did it come from, where is it going?
  6. GrumpyFan

    Incident on Test Track (3/9/18)

    Test Track and allegedly, Radiator Springs Racers at DCA, were closed today (3/9) after one of the vehicles on TT lost a tire while in motion. Both attractions are shutdown pending maintenance and safety reviews.
  7. GrumpyFan

    Rumor Flight of Passage foundation cracks?

    I just heard an interesting alleged rumor from someone who works in AK in Pandora and they’re saying that one of the theaters at FoP has been closed indefinitely due to cracks that were found in the foundation. Can anyone confirm if it was open today, or if any truth here?
  8. GrumpyFan


    I had this thought recently, upon hearing of 4 hour wait times for FoP over the holidays, and wanted to put it out for discussion. Considering how long wait times for new attractions can be, Disney really should find a better way to manage crowds and the standby lines. There's no good reason in...
  9. GrumpyFan

    Disney fighting hard to keep gambling out of Florida

    They just pumped more than a half million into lobbying, bringing their overall total to over $2.3 million!
  10. GrumpyFan

    Alleged Sexual Assault at Animal Kingdom?

    I don't want to be insensitive or make any outrageous claims, but I just read on r/waltdisneyworld about an alleged sexual assault tonight (9/5/17) at AK. Not much more details given, other than the following: Has anyone heard anything further?
  11. GrumpyFan

    DME question?

    My wife will be driving to WDW a couple of days ahead of mine and my sons arrival via airport. He and I will take DME from the airport to the resort. Will she be able to join us on the return trip to the airport? The DME reservation has all of us listed, but I wasn't sure if there was any kind...
  12. GrumpyFan

    Re-imagine Seaworld

    News today of continuing declines in attendance has me thinking about how their parks might could be "re-imagined" to draw crowds back. Sadly, I think the days are numbered, but that shouldn't stop us from coming up with some creative ways that might could save it. So, here's the ground rules...
  13. GrumpyFan

    Guest services texting guests?

    I read an account on FB about a family at DHS who experienced an unexpected delay while waiting for RNR. Apparently it was estimated 35 minutes standby wait time, but something happened to make their wait more than an hour. Sometime afterwards, Disney Guest Svcs texted the mom, asking if they...
  14. GrumpyFan

    Apple looking to buy Disney?!?!

    Don't shoot the messenger, I'm just reporting the news. According to Business Insider Apple's cash pile of more than $200 billion is a favorite topic of investors...
  15. GrumpyFan

    Disney to pay $3.8 million to park workers charged for their costumes

    Thought this was interesting, and a bit of a "bad show" for Disney. Nice to see that CMs will get some relief on it though! Disney can't charge the actors who dress up as characters for their costumes -- at least not if it...
  16. GrumpyFan

    Coke Freestyle & CC Freestyle app?

    Recently I was at Gasparilla Grille @ Grand Flo, and tried to use the Coca-Cola Freestyle app to do a custom mixed drink, but couldn't get either of the machines to present the QR code on-screen to be scanned by the app. It seems that maybe these machines have disabled this feature. Is this...
  17. GrumpyFan

    Real or prop?

    I saw this posted elsewhere, and someone was asking if it was a real fire (pull) alarm (at DHS on Sunset Blvd) or a prop. I say it's a prop, but was curious if anyone had a more definitive answer. IF it is a prop, what does it do when you pull it?
  18. GrumpyFan

    AK Discovery River Theater seats

    Jus curious if anybody else has issues with the seating in this new theater? The gap between the rows seems worse than coach on most airlines. Once you're in, there's no getting out unless you're on the end. I get that they needed to build lots of seating for potentially popular shows, but it...
  19. GrumpyFan

    New restaurant area @ Fort Wilderness

    Didn't see this posted anywhere.
  20. GrumpyFan

    Excitement level for Avatar opening?

    Just want to see what the excitement level is for the completion and opening.
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