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  1. bobjl527

    when was your 1st disney visit?

    July 1976. I had just turned 5 years old. I do not remember many things when I was 5, but I remember that entire trip very, very well. I remember thinking that the pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean and the Presidents in Hall of Presidents were real people. I also remember loving the...
  2. bobjl527

    Does anyone still collect pins?

    I wouldn't say that my wife and I are pin collectors. If either one of us find one that we like, we buy it. That being said, I have a box of pins that we bought back in 1999 and 2000. Still wraped in their celophane (sp?) and in a box in the closet. I haven't touched them in 10 years. We...
  3. bobjl527

    Southwest Seating Question

    Thanks. I do not know how long that has been in effect. I flew SW last October. I am disabled (not wheelchair bound) and I get to pre-board with my wife. People with small children are usually in the pre-board line with me. I always assumed that they boarded after we did. It makes more...
  4. bobjl527

    How do you rate the Universal Halloween event?

    My wife and I will be attending our 8th HHN this October. We have gone every year since 2006. We are in the older category. Late 30's, early 40's and we love it! Yes, they do sell quite a bit of alcohol and some younger people can get obnoxious. However, I have noticed that the presence of...
  5. bobjl527

    Southwest Seating Question

    Groups with children under 4 can board after wheelchair passengers, passengers with a disability and business select passengers who pay for the privledge of pre-boarding.
  6. bobjl527

    Disney Food What you crave!

    TONGA TOAST. Even though I have never tried it. I have seen so many pictures posted on this board and I just know I am going to fall in love with it. The wife and I are planning a May 2011 trip to celebrate my 40th Birthday. Going to stay at the Poly. I plan on having it for breakfast...
  7. bobjl527

    City Walk

    Magaritaville is a fun place. A great place for post theme park drinks and appetizers. The margarita spewing volcano is a sight to see as well.
  8. bobjl527


    I recall reading or hearing somewhere that when JAWS first opened, a pair of Mickey ears were in the sharks mouth. They removed it because some thought it was too graphic. :hurl: I thought it was funny. :lol:
  9. bobjl527

    Swan Tips/Thoughts/Suggestions/etc.

    I used to work for Starwood Resorts. They manage the Swan and Dolphin. The Swan is a Westin property and my wife and I stayed there numerous times. Very, very nice hotel. I particularly like that it is right by the Boardwalk. The ferry to EPCOT and the Studios is very conveinient. Also...
  10. bobjl527

    Halloween Horror Nights 2010

    My fondest memory of 2004 was that it was in both parks. I thought that was pretty cool.
  11. bobjl527

    Halloween Horror Nights 2010

    Our first time staying on site, not our first Horror Nights. Staying at Portofino Bay. We usually stay at my brothers time share, but we got a great package deal we just couldn't pass up. We discovered HHN for the first time back in 2004 and have been back every year since. It will be nice...
  12. bobjl527

    Halloween Horror Nights 2010

    The wife and I will be spending a portion of our 10th wedding anniversary at HHN XX. This will be our first time staying at a Universal Resort. Looking forward to this years event.
  13. bobjl527

    should there be a waiting period for wheelchairs

    OK. Here's my opinion and an incident my family encountered. I just have to speak my mind on this one. You are standing in a long, hot line. A group of people with someone in a wheelchair gets access to the ride before you. Now think about it. How much time does this really add to your...
  14. bobjl527

    Toy Story Mania Cameo in TS3

    Yes, those are the "critters" from Woody's Round Up. I just watched TS2 recently and just realized this myself. I had forgotten about them.
  15. bobjl527

    creepy to ask characters for a hug?

    I am a 38 year old man and when I met Dug the dog from "Up" I reached out and I gave him a big ole bear hug. Then I got a hug from Russel too. Didn't even need to ask. I see adults interacting with characters like this all the time. Nothing wrong or creepy about it.
  16. bobjl527

    Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Making Movies

    My wife and I loved the Alfred Hitchcock attraction. Luckily, I video taped the performance back in 1991. We especially liked the "Rear Window" apartment building with the TV monitors in the windows. It was great. Gone but not forgotten. :cry:
  17. bobjl527

    Road Trip!!

    Gotta have my Coca Cola 20oz bottles. I usually go through 12 between Chicago and The World. Can't forget the beef jerky to gnaw on.
  18. bobjl527

    Does anyone know the story behind this Pluto incident?

    You got me.....:ROFLOL::ROFLOL::ROFLOL:
  19. bobjl527

    Does anyone know the story behind this Pluto incident?

    For what it's worth, here is what I heard. A few years ago when this video was originally posted, several people started posting on a message board who were witnesses to this event. It happened at Disneyland. Pluto was taking a picture with a group of people. The young boy was told by an...
  20. bobjl527

    Sheraton Vistana Villages

    Vistana Villages, not to be confused with Vistana which is much older is a great place to enjoy your stay. We stayed in the Key West section last October with my brother and his wife. Villas are spacious and very clean and modern. There is a Publix and Walgreens right down the street along...
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