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  1. lpet11984

    New Mickey Ear Baseball Hats

    Does anyone know if the new Mickey ear baseball hats will be/can be embroidered in the parks?
  2. lpet11984

    WDW's Heyday

    I never had the opportunity to visit WDW prior to the Millenium Celebration, but I look back on that first visit in January 2000 so fondly... it was a great time to visit! That got me considering how WDW has evolved over time and became curious: at what point in its history do you think WDW was...
  3. lpet11984

    Pal Mickey Adventures Trip Report: June 1-4, 2012

    Hi everyone! Many years ago, my friend Kristin and I came up with the idea of using our Pal Mickeys (remember those?!) as our avatars in photos while we were having fun at WDW. Since then, I've started a blog and have started posting our adventures with Pal Mickey. (YES, he actually still...
  4. lpet11984

    Planning for New Year's 2011/2012

    Hi everyone! Thanks to these boards, I am certainly not new to planning WDW trips and have been blessed to go many times over the past 11 years, but coming up this holiday season will be the true test of my planning prowess. Here's some of the background: My husband and I, along with my...
  5. lpet11984

    WDW Dooney & Bourke Bags

    Hi everyone! Did a search and couldn't find much information on here so I thought I'd start a thread... Has anybody seen/heard about the new collection of DisneyWorld/ Dooney & Bourke bags that started selling just at the end of last year? I just found out about them today after surfing the...
  6. lpet11984

    No Boys Allowed! Disney Bachelorette Trip..Suggestions?

    Hi Everyone! I'm getting married next April (yay!) and although we can't get married at Disney, my mom and bridesmaids suggested we take a long weekend trip to Disney for a girls only trip. Of course, being the WDW junkie I am, I am thrilled with the suggestion! I've got my bride ears ready to...
  7. lpet11984

    TrenD prices?

    I apologize if this is somewhere else in the forums, but I've done multiple searches with no luck... I'm getting ready to meet one of my dearest friends down in WDW for 4 days next weekend (yay!) and one of the places we're excited to hit up is TrenD. I've been looking up some photos online...
  8. lpet11984

    This School Year Needs to END....

    So I'm sitting here in my office, finishing up some end of year business and :brick:to myself for just recently having discovered the chit-chat part of these boards...It's perfect timing though, as we've just had a tragedy happen that I need to talk about...I hope this is the right place to put...
  9. lpet11984

    Any other changes to Pizza Planet?

    Just curious with all the masses who have been flocking to the Studios lately in the hopes (or for the chance) to ride TSM, if anyone has happened to notice any other changes to Pizza Planet?
  10. lpet11984

    Ghirardelli Re-Opening?

    Any news as to Ghirardelli re-opening? I know it was postponed, but I thought today was supposed to be the updated deadline... :confused:
  11. lpet11984

    Favorite WDW YouTube Videos

    So we have all of our favorite WDW pictures to keep us going, but I thought it was time to start a thread where we could post links to our favorite videos. Hopefully there are a few others out there who would enjoy having all the links to our favorite videos in one place as much as I would...I...
  12. lpet11984

    Epcot Seas Aqua Tour-- Scuba breathing?

    I'm definitely looking into doing this tour when I go on my next trip...I've never done a tour at WDW before, and this one just sounds so absolutely brilliant that I think it would be more than worth the money, but.... I'm nervous about the scuba equipment. I've never been snorkeling before let...
  13. lpet11984

    Airfare help, DME/cast discount question...

    I'm in the process of planning out my next visit to the World, and am hoping some of the pros out there can help answer a couple questions... First, I've been looking for the cheapest airfare and I noticed after searching on SideStep for the past couple weeks that Orbitz has a cheaper fare than...
  14. lpet11984

    Disney Rewards Dollars in NYC

    Hello everyone! Hopefully this isn't somewhere else that I've missed-- I've searched and can't find anything.... Does anyone happen to know if you can use your Disney Rewards dollars earned from a Disney Visa at the World of Disney in NYC? Also, do you get a 10% discount at WoD in NYC like...
  15. lpet11984

    Cool Jacket

    Saw this jacket on my usual Disney browsing and thought it looked really cool...any idea if there are any jackets like this at WDW also?
  16. lpet11984

    POTC: At World's End Soundtrack Preview

    Came across this during one of my recent internet music hunts-- I can't wait for the soundtrack now! The way Zimmer pays homage to the previously written themes and uses new instrumentation/accompaniment/tempo to evolve them gives me goosebumps in anticipation of the movie...
  17. lpet11984

    Crocs in Epcot

    Tried doing a search, but to no avail-- Does anyone know off hand if at the Crocs kiosk in Epcot also sells the jibbitz (tiny things you stick in the holes)?
  18. lpet11984

    Purses in Italy?

    Does anyone happen to remember off hand if they sell any designer handbags in the Italy pavilion? Someone asked me the other day and I remember all kinds of jewelry, perfumes, wines, and Venetian masks, but I don't remember anything about purses...
  19. lpet11984

    Park Music Quest-- CBR?

    Hello again everyone! On my neverending quest to find park audio/loops, I've found myself now looking for music from the Caribbean Beach Resort, the first place I ever stayed at WDW. Anyone have any ideas on what groups it is/where I might find it? I've looked all over in my usual...
  20. lpet11984

    Field Trip?

    I know I'm not the only educator on the boards- has anyone ever taken their students to Disney? I'm a music educator and next year we have our "big trip" year...and I actually wasn't the one who suggested it! :) Any advice for traveling with students? Travel companies to check out? Ways to...
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