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  1. koppite_rob

    Car sharing / Transport from WDW to Universal

    Hi fellow WDWMagic members just 6 days to go till the big family holiday to WDW. Problem is the family has one 12 seater coach to get the mob from our rental villa in Davenport to WDW,but me & the girlfriend have also got tickets for the more grown up Universal Studios. Ive now realised that...
  2. koppite_rob

    Sanity Check

    As posted previously this year I'm going to Florida with small people in tow,age 9 & 11. Generally previous trips have involved maximizing park visits to extended opening hours days and being a serious park pounder & coaster junkie. Being less experienced with childrens stamina & appetite,Im...
  3. koppite_rob

    Archeology IS fun

    Me & Mrs R were reminiscing over our honeymoon in 2000 over the weekend, and I need some help. We both recalled a big tent somewhere in Dinoland in the AK where there was a talk given by 3 knowledgeable?! 'archeologists'. It was informative & also very funny in places. In 2004 we went off...
  4. koppite_rob

    Killing time in the queues

    This year me & Mrs R will be going with friends with children. A novel experience as Im known to be only just child tolerant in small amounts. Whilst I normally amuse myself by looking at the scenery & examining the queue management systems & technology (don't ask),Mrs R amuses herself by...
  5. koppite_rob

    Loss Seen at Disney Film Unit

    H.ardly surprising news,but I'm staggered at the continual stance of Disney DVDs by priced at non competitive levels compared to other distributers. Offers are generally made during school holidays to buy two for £20,but this is normally on a selected range of poor straight to DVD sequels &...
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