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    Your trip report is amazing!! Looks like you had a great time :)

    Your trip report is amazing!! Looks like you had a great time :)
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    Your Biggest Disney Regret!

    Not taking the "babymoon" I had planned before our daughter came along. Disney will never be the same since I will be experiencing with my child. It will still be amazing and more so now with her, but it still is a different experience.
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    Driving down - hotel suggestion?

    We drive from DE. Jacksonville was about 3 hrs away from Orlando, so that was a nice stop. Savannah GA had better hotel selection the one time we stayed there, but it is much further away from Orlando. Brunswick GA is also a great place to stop, and that is relatively close to the GA/FL border.
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    Do we have any sweepstakes winners here?

    I keep on entering every day! I try the website first, and if it comes up with the error message I enter on my phone. I'm trying to be optimistic :king: There is now the contest for John Carter available that I've been entering too. Wait, why am I telling you? The less people who enter...
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    When Is The Grand Floridian DVC Going On Sale?

    I am all for them waiting! I want to know because hopefully I'll be able to buy into DVC sometime soon, but I won't be ready until 2013/2014.
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    When Is The Grand Floridian DVC Going On Sale?

    I was searching through this forum to see when the GF DVC is expected to go on sale. I can't seem to find it through search. Does anyone know the tentative for sale date is?
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    Price range of "additional costs"

    Also know that all those extra charges have to go on a credit card. Unless they changed it from my cruise, they do not accept cash anywhere on the ship. They'll accept cash tips but you cannot pay for anything with cash.
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    Disney crew would be much better had it happened to them.

    It is maritime law that they must go over the muster drill within the first 24 hours everyone embarks. I remember reading one of the first articles posted on CNN about the accident that stated this drill was scheduled for the next day. When I went on my Disney Cruise I didn't care about...
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    First Cruise Ever - March 23 sailing of the Fantasy. What do I need to know?

    I didn't click over to the other forum to see what is listed there, but I will mention one thing: water shoes. If it is stopping at Castaway Cay, you'll need water shoes for the ocean. Rocks and aquatic life are everywhere. My husband stepped on a sea urchin there and it was pretty painful.
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    Castaway Cay: Excursion or Chill Out??

    It was pretty awesome to see it sitting there in the surf. Depending on the angle you were looking at it you could totally tell it was built as a prop and not a real ship. It is disappointing it is not there anymore. Maybe with all the profit they made from the films they should build one to...
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    Monsters, Inc. Hollywood Studios rumor

    I am very impressed with the amount of knowledge of roller coaster design/construction firms in this thread!
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    Eat it Or Spit it

    Eat It! Kangaroo??
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    Slowest time to go?

    2nd half of Jan is the slowest I've ever seen it. The only two downfalls would be the weather and the fact that it is refurbishment time.
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    Best Steak At The Yachtsman??

    I want steak so bad right now.... I am putting the Yachtsman on my "must go" restaurant list for my next trip!
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    New Year's Eve Announcement?

    That would be the only way to get me to go to Universal before my child is a teenager. Even with Harry Potter I don't feel like Universal has much to offer the under 10 crowd. And HP even proves my point because you go to Hogwarts when you're 11!
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    Just Got A PIN!!

    I feel like a superstar! :-D My sister and I have been planning a trip to WDW in June 2012 for my niece's high school graduation gift. I've been looking at different dates/resorts through my Disney account trying to see how much it would cost us. I guess this was enough to get Disney's...
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    Magical Express without Flying....

    I had a crazy idea pop in my head the other night. I am terrified of flying so I always drive to WDW. I was thinking of renting a car for my next trip instead of putting 2,000 miles on my car again. It would make more sense to rent a car one way each way so I wouldn't have to pay for a car...
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    Do Many Of You Order Items In Advance??

    My hubby and I went on a Disney Cruise for our honeymoon. We bought the romance/anniversary package for our cruise. It got us a special gift each night on board, dinner at Palo, in room champagne breakfast one morning, and free reign of the steam room in the spa on board. We really enjoyed...
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    Anyone Watch 60-Minutes on Sunday?

    That doesn't even guarantee a job anymore....
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