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    Restricted rehire lifted?

    Has anyone had a restricted rehire lifted? If so, what happened?
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    Do I have to take Traditions again?

    Traditions is always fun and you do get a lunch.
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    You will.

    You will.
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    Your Favorite Underated Disney Flick

    Song of the South and Return to Oz.
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    The new MMC from the 90's

    Does anyone know if Disney plans to sometime in the near future hopefully, release the new MMC shows on DVD?
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    Escape from Tomorrow

    This is a movie that some scenes were shot at Disney World. It's been at Sundance. Anyone else know anything about this?
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    Lego Imagination Center Downtown Disney Employees

    I don't think they get access to the Hub, that should have been covered in your traditions.
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    Entertainment Tech

    Check They post about entertainment. Also check Good luck!
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    Interviewing for job at DRC!!! Looking for stories from employees

    If DRC is anything like casting, and by the six months thing, I see they are. I have applied at Disney at casting, and they told me that you cannot apply for just that position for six months. You may apply to other positions. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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    Rumor: Jack & Sally Meet 'N Greet appearing at WDW

    I have just recently seen the pics of Jack and Sally meet and greet. I can't help to think that Jack looks like an alien?!?! Does anyone else agree? Thoughts?
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    Walt movie by Ron Howard

    Does anyone know about production or info on this movie that is supposedly being made? It's called Walt starring Ryan Gosling and directed by Ron Howard. Anyone know anything?
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    New modern day costumes coming to American Adventure?

    The liberty inn CM looks like an 80's Captain D's worker.
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    Tom Hanks as Walt Disney

    Who all thinks Tom Hanks is a great cast as Walt Disney in the upcoming new movie about Mary Poppins? I think it will be awesome!! Thoughts?
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    Career with WDW?

    I agree with afarese, after I did college program, I went back and reapplied full time and they were going out of their way to find me a role!!
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    Ahh I have an interview!!

    About your other positions available question. You can ask, but the job you are interviewing for, is the only one that will be talked about. I don't know if things have changed, but when I interviewed, they told me I couldn't apply to any new positions until after six months. Also, if you get...
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    Disney Language...

    A couple I remember are: Toy box: Studios entertainment break area. EPCOT, Every person comes out tired, Every polyester costume of torture, Every paycheck comes on thursday, cause we used to get paid weekly on thursdays. I don't know if this is still the case, but it was when I was there. Of...
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    Disney Wallpapers

    does anyone know where I can find any Disney holiday wallpapers? thx for your help!
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    Mickey Caps

    those ear caps are only for CM's who have graduated from the college program. They do not sell them to guests, you probably saw some college program cast members who just had their graduation. I was in the college program, and still have mine. sorry
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    Jack Sparrow costumes

    from my experience, you have to kinda put everything together. buying different things, different places.
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    6 hours until I leave for the world!

    I leave in five days!! Can't wait for MNSSHP!!
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