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  1. DisneyGigi

    Pre-Trip Our Next Disney Trip! February 7-15, 2022!

    The When’s- February 7-15. The where’s Either Beach Club, or Yacht Club. I hope so!! (My two pics) B is hoping for Coronado Springs. I feel he gets outvoted. :) It will just be us two, for this trip. So I know most of you guys know what an amazing start of this year we had. It...
  2. DisneyGigi

    Old watercolor type picture, Need Help!

    I bought this picture for the frame, but it reminded me of Snow White’s Castle. It is old, water color, not a print. We opened the layers and it is not a print. It is painted, water color and on the back, lower corner, # 1 is penciled in. The address is Vogue Theatre, Orlando Frame & Art Supply-...
  3. DisneyGigi

    Trip Report Social Disneying *completed*

    Social Disneying So we just returned from a much needed trip to the World! I did a semi live trip report but wanted to do a more thorough full report and what our thoughts and experiences were going back in this crazy world we have been stuck in for almost a year now. This year was...
  4. DisneyGigi

    Trip Report Pandemonium in a Pandemic- Semi live Edition

    Pandemonium in a Pandemic- Semi live edition! Okay, so here we go! For those that have read my previous trip reports you know that 2020 for us was about as glorious as was for the rest of the world. This is the longest gap that I have been absent from my Happy Place since the horrid 5...
  5. DisneyGigi

    Pre-Trip Pandemonium in a Pandemic! A DisneyGigi Pre-Trip Report.

    Pandemonium in a Pandemic! A DisneyGigi Pre-trip Report 11-1~11-7 Even if this can’t happen this trip and I wish it was 2019 again- I am going home! 2020... what a year thus far. I don’t like you very much by the way. I can’t wait to slam the door as you go out the door. Here is hoping for a...
  6. DisneyGigi

    Trip Report The May Trip That Would Have Been!

    The Trip That Would Have Been- A Magical Trip with the Parents, to the beach and a 4 Day Disney stay for us. May 3-9th beach and May 9-13 Disney. I should be packed and ready to have another amazing split beach and Disney trip just hours away. Instead, I have spent the last months like...
  7. DisneyGigi

    RIP James “Radio” Kennedy

    We do a lot of threads for a celebrity’s passing. I can’t think of a more deserving post. Being so close to me, I have to post. He is a legend in our area. For those that do not know him locally, the movie “Radio” starring Cuba Gooding Jr. detailed his life. RIP Radio! :( You will be missed...
  8. DisneyGigi

    Hey, if Disney and Walmart can have Christmas out the day after Halloween- so can I! (Post your decorations!)

    Okay, so yes, the bird won’t be cooked until Thursday but... if they can do it so can I and to be fair, to not have a Disney trip planned like last year- I am late! 3 trees up, 4th tomorrow. B is hanging lights in the rain, soon the house will look a lot like this. 😑 We will owe the power...
  9. DisneyGigi

    Trip Report The Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue Trip Report *Complete*

    The Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue - Trip Report Back home and wanted to at least get a start on this report, before I start canning next week. (Plus Stinker is down for the moment) I had the best intentions of taking notes, and even bought a journal to do...
  10. DisneyGigi

    Trip Report The *really* last Pre-trip report til 2020- AKA Ya right, you keep saying that.

    The *really* last trip til 2020 pre-trip report (aka- ya right, okay, you keep saying that) 😑 Ya, ya... I said I wasn’t going and that May was the last til 2020. My husband and @Tuvalu shared a laugh about that at our meet up in May. He already knew he was going to have me book for Mother’s...
  11. DisneyGigi

    Trip Report Clark & Ellen are headed on vacation! Alone!!! (Semi-Live) **Complete**

    So, with many bumps in the road, along the way- and our 3rd ever trip anywhere alone, in many, many years- guess what??) Disney, the Beach? We are there! This will be the longest trip, we have ever done alone since having kids. Let’s just say- we need this! I have 3 1/2 hours before I wake B...
  12. DisneyGigi

    Pre-Trip Flowers, Food & Fun- A May Pre-trip report!

    Well, since I am 75 days out now, I figure it is time to start my pre-trip report! Who? Just DisneyB and myself- formely known as DisneyShe- until a certain someone came along and made me a DisneyGigi. ;) I am having very serious stress at being away from my grandson since I have him so much...
  13. DisneyGigi

    Giving a special CM a small gift?

    I researched this before I posted and just wanted to ask because this isn’t just a random thank you to a CM. We have a CM that has been so special and good to us over the years, that is retiring soon. Over the years, they have always been so helpful and went above and beyond many times! We...
  14. DisneyGigi

    May AP discounts?

    When do May AP discounts usually get released? I looked it up but February seemed late to me? We are going May 5-10. We did AP discounts in 2016 but I cannot remember when we booked. Thanks!
  15. DisneyGigi

    Trip Report It’s All About the Baby! A Gigi & Papaw Take the Trip Repor 11/25-11/30 *Complete*

    It’s All About the Baby! A Gigi & Papaw take the Grandbaby Trip Report- 11-25-11-30 We just got back last night, but I am so excited to start this trip report. At the last minute, his mom decided to let him go with us so we basically changed everything. And it was Amazing! I was born a...
  16. DisneyGigi

    RIP Stan Lee :( 😭
  17. DisneyGigi

    Pre-Trip The Am I really writing another pre trip report? Forget everything- the Grandbaby is going! 11/25-11/30! 😍

    Am I really writing another pre trip report already? 11/25-11/30 We have been home 22 days and only have 54 days to go!?!?!! A true first for us- we went twice in 2007, February and September. 10 day trips each and it was awesome. Usually, it is a once a year trip for us, 10-11 days. The only...
  18. DisneyGigi

    Trip Report It’s Raining Pixie Dust!! Full Trip Report- 9/3-9/10 *Complete*

    It’s Raining Pixie Dust!! Full Trip report 9/3-9/10 Don’t be sad that it is over- be glad that it happened! The cast - for those that didn’t read my pre-trip report, or my pitiful attempt at a live one. Me- Disneyshe My husband DisneyB This was our second ever trip without either of the...
  19. DisneyGigi

    Trip Report It’s a Long Way Down Holiday Road... my first attempt at a Live report!

    Let’s get this started, shall we? :) Jack be nimble... Jack be quick... ohhhhh oh oh... My family has a long tradition of blaring Holiday Road at the beginning of any road trip but especially to Walt Disney World! If my son was going we would do this at the gas station, filling up, windows...
  20. DisneyGigi

    Question about upgrading tickets to AP

    Looking for a little help here. We have 8 day park hopper tickets as part of the free dining package and have decided to upgrade to AP when we are there. We did this in 2015 and got full credit for what we would have paid for a 10 day park hopper so we only owed like 140 a ticket, I believe...
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