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  1. LeCellier.Lover

    Trip Report Bring out the Tour Guide Flags.. I’M TAKING THE NEWBIES! A June TR

    Jambo once again everybody! :) I never thought I’d be writing 2 Trip Reports in 1 summer! Well, technically the first TR of the summer was back from January because I was having Disney withdrawal and didn’t think I would be lucky enough to go back this summer… But after an invite at Grandma’s...
  2. LeCellier.Lover

    A long time ago (ok, not too long..) in a land 1,164 miles from Chicago and 1,007 miles from Philly

    Aloha everyone! For those of you who don’t know me my name’s Rachel (19). Blackhawks fanatic, volleyball player, and Disney enthusiast! I am constantly on the boards creeping on everyone else’s trip reports because I love to reminisce and also hear about how magical other people’s trips are...
  3. LeCellier.Lover

    The “We're big girls now!" "No seriously does ANYONE have a bobby pin?!” June 2012 Trip Report

    Jaamboo everyone and welcome to my very first ever trip report! :) This trip took place from Monday, June 18th-Saturday, June 23rd. I did write a PTR which you can read here if you really want.. This trip...
  4. LeCellier.Lover

    Senior Trip 2012: 2 years in the making PTR!

    Hi everyone! My name’s Rachel, and I’m new to these boards, but I figured now would be the perfect time to write my very first ever Pre-Trip Report! As I said, I am new to this whole trip report thing but bear with me, this should be some pretty good stuff. I’m sorry in advance for any...
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