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    SPOILERS: Falcons & the Winter Soldier Discussion / Reactions to Most Recent Episodes

    I really liked it. Having not read the comics I find the videos, such as posted above, so useful. Having tried to not read too much beforehand I was pleased it looks like it’ll be some sort of spy/conspiracy theme, which I liked.
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    Visiting a park as a group, splitting, and getting back together

    Just to reiterate, thank you so much to all that replies. Every single bit is useful. I’m about to go for a run with my sister (11 years older than me and one of the three main people to organise it, I expect, along with my niece (13 years younger than me)) and I’ll tell her what you guys...
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    Visiting a park as a group, splitting, and getting back together

    Thanks ever so much for the replies. Such valuable information and advice. Thank you!!!
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    Visiting a park as a group, splitting, and getting back together

    Bit of a random one this, and I struggled to think of a better title than I did, but does anyone have any advice on visiting as a group containing people that may not all want to go to the same places within a park? For example, I’m trying to get a family trip organised for a year or two and...
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    Finally taking our Honeymoon 11/27!!!

    I can’t answers the questions, but delighted for you to be able to take your Honeymoon.
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    Pros/cons Swan & Dolphin

    I went here yearsssss ago, so others will no doubt be more informed than me, but: - It felt very corporate at the time; - However, as soon as you left the hotel you felt totally Disneyfied due to the wonderful boardwalk; - It was clean and the room had fabulous views (we didn’t have a balcony)...
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    Disneyland Paris Reopening

    I love this! Sadly my two year old isn’t quite that mature yet, although if he was I think he would take great delight in telling us off! Haha.
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    Jurassic Park Rollercoaster Coming To Universals Islands Of Adventure?

    On the Six Flags topic, bear in mind folk travelling long distances to visit Florida and the parks. We are most likely to only visit the Disney and Universal properties (I know some do travel to Busch) so having a even a standard coaster would add variety to a environment also encompassing other...
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    Disneyland Paris Reopening

    I have been thinking a lot about Disneyland Paris recently as I was trying to decide what age the kids need to be before I take them, which is an entirely different discussion, but I am quite happy that their young age does take the difficult decision of whether to risk going there out of my...
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    Magic Kingdom's Overhaul or Expansion

    I think there is as much chance of an overhaul and expansion as I have being the next James Bond. Interesting concepts though.
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    Avengers Infinity War SPOILER Filled Thread

    Loved the film, but I find the whole ctl+z thing that’ll probably happen in the follow-up a bit disappointing. I expect Iron Man will be in the shower and it’ll be just a dream. To integrate Captain Marvel (oh, Brie ❤️) in to the next Avengers, they’ll have to do a cracking job of fleshing our...
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    Present advice

    hi, It is my niece's 21st birthday in a few weeks and I'm looking for something to buy her. She has not yet been to Disney, but wants to go in a few years once she has saved up. She is Uk based. I'd like the present to be something that'll help her look forward to going one day. I will need...
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    Nintendo partnering with Universal to make attractions.

    I know people say about a Mario Kart ride, but how does everyone think this'll happen? I love MK, but the beauty of it is everyone has their own favourite rider and vehicle. How do you integrate these options into a ride? I'm predicting an arcade with the arcade version of some sorts.
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    Loews Sapphire Falls Resort Construction

    Looking like a nice addition to the family
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    Game of Thrones - Season 6

    Like everyone else says, the time jumping was irritating, but otherwise a good episode. The first twenty minutes was excellent, middle was good, and the last twenty was just the director moving the chest pieces into the right places going in to next series. I'm interesting to see where Sam's...
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    Game of Thrones - Season 6

    So, come on, what does everyone predict will happen in the season finale?
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    Game of Thrones - Season 6

    Yeah, but Joffrey and Ramsey were proper evil. I dunno, I just thinks he's a hard one to replace
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    Game of Thrones - Season 6

    Loved the episode, but my goodness they need to get another baddie to replace Ramsey otherwise we won't have anyone to root against. Everyone's quite greyscale now, even Cersei.
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    Skull Island: Reign of Kong from construction to opening

    Slightly disappointed with the review so far :-(
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    Skull Island: Reign of Kong from construction to opening

    What's the plan for the Kong/JP area? They likely to do much else around there?
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