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  1. stevediesel

    Better week, Late Sept vs. Early Oct

    I currently have a Sept 29th–October 5th free Disney dining trip booked. I am considering changing it to Sept 22nd–Sept 28th based upon Touring Plans having this week as overall less crowds. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks!
  2. stevediesel

    Best Time for Segway Around the World

    I originally booked the 9:30 time because I was having to depend on Disney Transportation. Now that I scored a great deal on a rental car I can reschedule for an earlier time, but I asked wanted to see rope drop @ 9am. How much shorter is the later tours or do you just have more people entering...
  3. stevediesel

    MNSSHP: No Villain's Mix and Mingle this year?

    I found this Disney press release on The Villain's Mix & Mingle or Halloween Dance Parties aren't listed, does this mean they aren't happening this year? Mickey and Minnie Planning to Show off New Costume-Party Look at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Dates Beginning Sept. 5...
  4. stevediesel

    Segway Around the World, Weight Requirement

    I'm wondering if anyone else, or a CM, has experience/knowledge with the 250# weight requirement @ Epcot's Segway Around the World? I'm 6' 4" & I can be anywhere between 255-260 & wondering if they actually will weigh people if there is some question? People are always surprised when I tell...
  5. stevediesel

    What time is AK EMH in Sept?

    Just curious as the park closes @ 5pm, do they just go until 8pm? Don't know how much nighttime darkness you can get in. Hope this isn't a stupid question.
  6. stevediesel

    All Star Sports vs. Pop Century?

    I've booked All Star Sports Sept. 16th—23rd & I'm thinking about switching to Pop Century. Does anyone have any thoughts if I should? I know many believe that PC is the better of the value resorts. My thinking w/ AS is that it is the first stop on the buses & less people staying in that resort...
  7. stevediesel

    Chefs de France ADR gives enough time for Illuminations?

    I have ADR for Chefs de France @ 7pm, on Tuesday Sept. 16th, free Dining Plan time. I've never eaten there & wonder if I'll still be able to manage to get a decent spot for Illuminations which is @ 9pm? I'm just a little worried about the wait/duration of dinner. Thanks for your help!
  8. stevediesel

    Iger Reimagining Mickey Mouse?

    Here is a NY Times article that is about older cartoons & toys being reimagining for todays kids. Includes a few quotes from Iger, “I love classic Mickey, but he needs to evolve to be relevant to new generations of kids.”
  9. stevediesel

    WALL-E in LA for the NBA Finals Game 3

    Did anyone else just see the robotic WALL-E on the red carpet in LA for game 3 of the NBA finals? It looked to be the same as in the video that was posted. Wonder if he will be showing up in one of the parks soon?
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