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  1. maryszhi

    Holiday time at the world

    hey guys I am sorry I haven't posted. I was at the world from the 16-20th to celebrate my belated birthday and to visit my friends for the holidays. I stayed at the pop and had so much fun. This is my favorite time to go because of all the decorations and special events. Here are some photos :)...
  2. maryszhi

    Merry christmas to my wdwmagic family

  3. maryszhi

    changing the title of a thread

    is there a way to change the title of a thread that you started?
  4. maryszhi

    My 5th trip to disney world, no i am not crazy pretrip report

    Yes I feel like I have broken some type of record or somthing lol. But I am visiting the most magical place on earth by once again looking at some possible places to move and teach after I graduate school and complete my student teaching. I am also celebrating my birthday since on my actual...
  5. maryszhi

    mary's its ok if we do not do everything this trip trip report

    hey guys its mary, I came home a day early from my trip yesterday so I am going to write my trip report. this trip was fun, however, it did have its bumps, but Disney is not going anywhere so yay:) The trip started last sunday morning. We ended up at the pop a day early, so i paid for one night...
  6. maryszhi

    happy birthday epcot!!!!!!!!

    Happy 30th birthday! Post your fav. epcot memories!!! Mine arethe special meet and greats at the disney chase visa place Irish dancing at epcot way back in 2005 with my irish dance school and who can forget the infamous drinking around the world no matter what, you will always keep a special...
  7. maryszhi

    mary's supercalifragilisticxpalidocious pretrip report :)

    Hey all i leave for the world in 17 days!!! i am super excited! the cast: Me, Mary , 21, college student, and certified disney nut. this is my 4th trip in a year. this trip is special because I get to look at UCF for grad school :) I am a special education major, and UCF has a great program for...
  8. maryszhi

    when did disney start using magnetic room keys and not actual keys

    I was wondering when disney started using the magnetic room keys instead of traditional keys ( the ones you have to turn the lock and are usually made out of metal :) ). i thought maybe the 1980s
  9. maryszhi

    best pasta on property.

    Mine is Via napoli and tutto italia.
  10. maryszhi

    best pizza on property.

    mine is via napoli for obvious reasons. i also really like the pizza at the boardwalk pizza window and wolfgang puck express. what is your favs.
  11. maryszhi

    best mac and cheese on property :)

    tell me where and what makes it so yummy
  12. maryszhi


    can ya'll refresh my memory how the lockers work? any recommendations for a good location? thank you!!
  13. maryszhi

    how much money for food and wine fest

    i was wondering whats a good amount to bring. i know they only take cash so i want to make sure i have enough :)
  14. maryszhi

    what to order at tony's

    my friend really wants to go there so i made reservations for one of our first nights. what should i order? i have been before but have been disappointed. i wanted to try something different or something people recommend.
  15. maryszhi

    dinning reservations

    i booked most of mine, but i am still torn on where to eat our last night. i wanted something fun but different. any suggestions ... also it can be any park or resort :)
  16. maryszhi

    its offical!

    unless something unexpected happens, i will be headed to the world in october. my question is when is the best time to do food and wine fest. also what are some of your fav. booths to stop at. thanks <3
  17. maryszhi

    quiet working places

    as i have said in a previous post, i am seriously considering a fall break trip to disney in october. one of my classes is an online class and will still be meeting while at the world. besidesmy resort room, are there any good places to study and do the class. thanks!
  18. maryszhi

    pop century loop

    my friends and i are having a decades party and would love to use the pop century loop for music. does anyone have a master list of the songs they use. any help appreciated :)
  19. maryszhi

    Best on ride photos

  20. maryszhi

    the drive from memphis

    hey guys my friends and i are thinking of going to disney for fall break from our university that is located in memphis. my question is with two drivers, is it possible to do in one day? what are some good break/stopping points for the bathroom and food/gasoline? thanks!
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