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  1. RonAnnArbor

    POFQ bus stop renovations through late-May affect assessability

    Just a heads up -- Port Orleans French Quarter is renovating their bus stops and are in the second week of a 5-week renovation. During this renovation, bus stops have been moved to the opposite parking lot -- in front of Building three. You should be aware that if you need assessable resort...
  2. RonAnnArbor

    Magic bands NOT required -- Official Disney Reply

    So... after a year of fighting with WDW over not wanting to use Magic Bands, I got an official response from Administration yesterday...despite what cast members say at the resorts: You are NOT required to use Magic Bands even if they mail them to you. You can always continue to request KTTW...
  3. RonAnnArbor

    Three-visits with new MyMagic+ and lots of problems

    First, let me say that never will I wear a wristband. Ever. But I did get the magic band for testing purposes for three separate trips in September, October, and November 2013, each for 4 days. Here are the results of my solo tests. (I carried the wristband around in my cargo pants pocket) Trip...
  4. RonAnnArbor

    Annual Passholder RFID begin processing 3/20

    Don't know if people saw this today: To make a long story short -- From 3/20 to 5/19 you can upgrade your annual pass at the Odyssey Center in Epcot to the new RFID-enabled card...after that, at...
  5. RonAnnArbor

    8 Minutes to fix two COP annoyances...really...

    There are two Carousel of Progress annoyances that have been driving me nuts for two years now... The first: The clock in the 20's scene says 11:10 -- but its clearly early evening...Fix the hands on the clock!!! This will take about three minutes... The second: the blinds in the 40's...
  6. RonAnnArbor

    What's your favorite "wink wink nod nod" moment at the parks?

    What's your favorite "wink wink nod nod" moment in the parks? That is, what makes you smile and say "ha, I got that in-joke"... My favorite: The alien tourguide on Star Tours 2 doing the same finger wag while saying "smoking is never allowed" which is a direct copy of the Delta Airlines safety...
  7. RonAnnArbor

    Animatronics Fail...

    Hmm...all the Animatronics Repair CM's on vacation? ( Just joking, but seriously....) 4/21/12 COP - 40's father lips don't move...80's father eyelids stuck shut and lips don't move Sonny Eclipse - music track plays and Sonny moves, no vocals__come out of mouth Nemo and Friends -...
  8. RonAnnArbor

    Journey into your Imagination

    Here's a great little video that illustrates that our "nostalgic" memory of Journey Into Your Imagination is pretty much just that -- the old version was just as horrible as the new version...
  9. RonAnnArbor

    The Making of Crush's Coaster (Video)

    Very cool video from Disney Studios Park...
  10. RonAnnArbor

    Canon S95 does WDW

    I know we talk a lot about dSLR's in here -- and I have always stated that I leave the dSLR at home when I go on vacation and just put a compact camera in my pocket.... Well, I promised to share the photos from my December trip, all taken with the Canon S95, with nothing else to lug along...
  11. RonAnnArbor

    Photos from 12/14 - 12/19

    The best of my photos from this past week:
  12. RonAnnArbor

    Osborn Lights Photo - and Bonne Annee 2007!

    Here's a photo I took at WDW two weeks ago at the Osborn Lights at Disney MGM Studios...a little photoshop photomerging and viola -- Happy New Years to all. To my friends at DRP - Bonne Annee 2007!
  13. RonAnnArbor

    "Where is the Magic?"

    I am writing this on the morning of my departure from WDW – bags already checked in with DME, and an hour to kill, just me, myself, and my carryon bag. I’m in my 40’s and no longer having any family, I spend a week every year at the holidays at WDW to feel like a big kid again for awhile, and to...
  14. RonAnnArbor

    What to do with un-needed sit-down meals on Free Meal Plan promotional?

    So...In September, my partner and I will be at the World and we never get the meal plan, because we never eat dinner at restaurants that take the meal plan. But we will each have the meal plan free as part of the promotional for that period this year. What to do with those sit-down meals...
  15. RonAnnArbor

    Why is WDW sound so low compared to other parks?

    Talk about an area that needs major "re-imagineering"...having gone to the Disney Parks now in California, Florida, Paris, and Tokyo, WDW is the only park where the sound on the attractions is still at the low levels set in the '70's (for the most part). What is up with that? I know a few...
  16. RonAnnArbor

    Haunted Mansion - Sound cranked up, Lights cranked down

    Had the chance to ride Haunted Mansion several days and several times each day during the past week... Two basic observations: The sound on the DoomBuggies IS cranked up - you can hear everything now. THis was not the case on my last two trips there in November and in March a year ago...
  17. RonAnnArbor

    Empty TreeHouses - Louder Doombuggies - Many Breakdowns

    I am currently at WDW and have been to all 4 parks in the past three days, most twice. Here are current trip report random musings os of 3/21/06 The Tree Houses are completely empty. THere are no cast members living in them at present. They are completely vacent. :kiss: Animal Kingdom All...
  18. RonAnnArbor

    What would you like to see in the place of Tom Sawyers Island?

    OK -- accuse me of being negativistic -- but for years there have been rumors that Tom Sawyers Island is ripe for being the next attraction to go at MK and that is a big chunk of land for redevelopment -- even Disney themselves have talked about closing the attraction in the past. So -- my...
  19. RonAnnArbor

    Great Super Bowl Commercial - Go Disney!

    What a great commercial during the SuperBowl...the players practicing how to say "I'm going to Disney World" if they win...memorable and cute...and surprisingly repeated several times (mega bucks for Disney)...:sohappy:
  20. RonAnnArbor

    Disney PDA cases ?

    Anyone know if any of the shops at WDW, or anywhere on line for that matter, sell PDA cases with the Disney or WDW logo on them?
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