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  1. DisneyCyclones

    Dining Plans

    Has been any change yet? Trying to plan a trip and it would be easier know we could pay for the food before we go.
  2. DisneyCyclones

    Magical Express/Dining Plan

    Really disappointed that Magical Express is ending. For a first-timer, it was a great introduction to WDW before arriving. When booking our trip the other night, the agent said that dining plans would be coming back. I hope it is before we go next summer.
  3. DisneyCyclones

    Magical Express

    Did I see that this service is ending at the end of 2021? And luggage isn't delivered to the hotel for you anymore? Is there a source to read about why these changes are being made?
  4. DisneyCyclones

    Work during COVID

    Is all the construction and remodeling of rides/parks/resorts taking place during the closure to guests?
  5. DisneyCyclones

    New Discounts

    I noticed that WDW released new discounts for the summer months. If we already have a trip scheduled can we change to get the new discounts?
  6. DisneyCyclones

    Fast Pass Question/Suggestions

    Hello. We are considering paying $150 a person for the Fast Pass program that will give us 3 extra FP a day for a total of 6 per person. How many of you feel this would be a good option? You have to buy a minimum of three days. We are staying 3 days (Wednesday-Friday) in July. Everyone going is...
  7. DisneyCyclones

    Test Track

    I've been checking the MDE app the last few days and each time it has Test Track as "Temporary Closed". Is it because of weather?
  8. DisneyCyclones

    Luggage Tags

    I was told that the luggage tags that will be sent to us match the color of our Magic Bands. Is this correct?
  9. DisneyCyclones

    Fast Pass Changes

    We are returning for the first time since 2013. We still used the cards back then and had to get all fast passes at kiosks that day. So, how does making fast passes and the magic bands work? Need a short tutorial please and thanks.
  10. DisneyCyclones

    We're heading back!!!

    My family is returning to Wilderness Lodge for the first time since our last Disney trip in 2013. I know remodeling as taken place since our last trip. We are staying in a Deluxe room with Club Level access. What things should we make sure to take in? This is our 4th trip since 2010.
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