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  1. lpet11984

    New Mickey Ear Baseball Hats

    Does anyone know if the new Mickey ear baseball hats will be/can be embroidered in the parks?
  2. lpet11984

    WDW's Heyday

    That's one of the things I wish I had the chance to experience was the Adventurer's Club... would've been awesome to check out. My husband and I would've loved it.
  3. lpet11984

    WDW's Heyday

    I certainly wasn't intending to imply any disrespect by asking, rather simply wondering if anyone else had any times that were highlights in their experiences. I've often wondered what it was about the parks in the late 80s-early 90s that made them so special, a peak in history for WDW.... was...
  4. lpet11984

    WDW's Heyday

    I never had the opportunity to visit WDW prior to the Millenium Celebration, but I look back on that first visit in January 2000 so fondly... it was a great time to visit! That got me considering how WDW has evolved over time and became curious: at what point in its history do you think WDW was...
  5. lpet11984

    Most Magical Experiences

    Happened to be in Epcot for our 5th anniversary, eating at Tokyo Dining. We wore buttons, but didn't go out our way at all to tell anyone about it being our anniversary. However, our waitress surprised us with origami rings, a card, and a specially decorated dessert. Definitely taken aback by...
  6. lpet11984

    Your favorite relaxing spots.

    I'm a sucker for anywhere there is a hammock and/or a bar, but inside the parks.... one of my favorites is watching the Fountain of Nations from one of the tables outside Fountainview (now Starbucks). I still remember from my first trip heading there first thing in the morning, watching everyone...
  7. lpet11984

    Retiring to WDW

    My husband and I have planned for years that we want to move down to FL when we retire- he wants to work in Lakeland for the Flying Tigers, and I want to work at Disney. We are both teachers, so we are used to doing the things we love for joy rather than income. Can't wait to get out of the...
  8. lpet11984

    New nighttime show 'Rivers of Light' confirmed to be coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Any word/speculation on when the soundtrack might be released? Hopefully along with the opening of the show itself? The audiophile in me can't wait to get my hands on it...
  9. lpet11984

    Innoventions West to Close in May?

    We can only hope. I always thought with all the event space they have in Epcot now, why on Earth would they put the "festival headquarters" over in the WoL Pavilion instead of Millennium Village or Odyssey. I agree and wish that we could get back to the discovery and education side of Epcot...
  10. lpet11984

    March Magic 2015 Thread

    I also wish it was easier to see who the winners are. Is there a webpage somewhere that has the updated winners that I'm just missing?
  11. lpet11984

    Name one thing Disney has done right.

    Bringing John Lasseter on board instead of letting him go for a second time after acquiring Pixar.
  12. lpet11984

    March Magic 2015 Thread

    Voted for Temples today. Too torn with the dreamfinder/electricity... not sure which way I'll go yet. In other news, Philharmagic doesn't stand a chance against Midway Mania. I better order my shirt this weekend.
  13. lpet11984

    How can I get character autographs discreetly?

    Thank you! My band program is heading to WDW in April and I was wondering how to thank my chaperones... might be fun to have some characters sign thank you cards, and then have my kids sign them when we get back. Great idea- thanks! :)
  14. lpet11984

    What Disneyland attraction do you wish was at WDW?

    Yikes, there's some heat in this thread... Anyway, like many, I'd love to see Indy. And while I love the nostalgia of Space Mountain on the east coast, I'd love for it to get some of the love that Space Mnt got on the west coast. Keep them different, but let's please upgrade some of the ride...
  15. lpet11984

    Disney Performing Arts OnStage?

    Thanks- I have been to WDW many, many times, but this will be a first. We will get to use FP+, but they can only book their FPs once we've entered the park for the day. They won't have as many options as those entering the parks right at opening or those who book in advance, but at least it's...
  16. lpet11984

    Favorite Area Music?

    Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is probably my absolute favorite. My first trip was in January 2000, and that music takes me back to when it all started. So many great memories "around the fire"! I listened to the CD so many times that it became worn out. The subtle instrumentation choices...
  17. lpet11984

    My Favorite Disney Purchases ... through the years

    Our travel mugs and regular mugs always get a lot of use. I'm also a bit of an accessories fiend, so I love the Vera, Dooney, Pandora items. My Mickey RayBans have to be one of my favorites though... when I'm wearing those, it always feels like a vacation, considering it must be pretty sunny if...
  18. lpet11984

    What's your favorite Disney Moutain?

    1- EE. I could ride that coaster all day. The music and theming is top notch, the ride system is great, and I LOVE going backwards, and then having some of those drops right after changing directions. Shame about the Yeti, but at least I can remember a brighter time when I thought the Yeti's...
  19. lpet11984

    What's the first thing you do when you get into MK?

    Gaze at the castle, snap a few artsy pictures, savor some of the sights/smells of Main St USA, and make our way to Tomorrowland for Space Mnt/TTA or back towards Fantasyland for a massive cinnamon roll from Gaston's.
  20. lpet11984

    Magic Shots

    That's exactly what my mind went to... I was thinking maybe they started creating a new drink menu... ;)
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