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  1. EpcotServo

    Dead Flamingos?

    The question isn't whatever's whenever happened. Heh. I'm still here. Still Updatin' on the Updatepage. I retired from frequent posting to spend more time posturing/yelling at/enjoying the parks with family. Too much serious business going here all the time. I pop in...
  2. EpcotServo

    NextGen / FP+ / Magic Band. The official truth starts to appear

  3. EpcotServo

    Studio Ghibli at Disney

    I have retired from forums to The Retweeting Lands. You can still find me at the Updatepage, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. heh
  4. EpcotServo

    Studio Ghibli at Disney

    ^Exactly. I don't think it's obscure in the least, just watch the Ghibli section in Japan light up with conversation about their films next time you are there. They're much better at what Disney and Pixar animated films do best (Let alone good friends with Pixar, business relations with Disney)...
  5. EpcotServo

    DHS New Attraction coming this summer! - The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow

    If you didn't see Jack the show was ruined for you because operations is forcing in more people than WDI wants. Sad, because it's really a great little show.
  6. EpcotServo

    Living in the shell

    Living in the shell
  7. EpcotServo

    DCA Setting Records and WDW

    It's been a long time, but I should just add that there has to be a middle ground between spending thousands of dollars on rose colored glasses, and literally crushing someone's magic by pointing out wood-rot.
  8. EpcotServo

    EpcotServo's Updates #2.50- Wild Thing

    Hellooooooooo everybody! Time for a big Update proper! Loads of pictures to get too, so let's get to those! Now, that is! ANIMAL KINGDOM -Safari was great, many manimals out and about. -Everest was working pretty great, both waterfalls working and steam as well. Heard many "That was the...
  9. EpcotServo

    Watch a Transformers: The Ride-3D Universal Hollywood Super Bowl Ad Sneak Peek....

    Cool new viral marketing too. Good to see Universal Hollywood getting some national spotlight, it's a great little park for visiting in in beautiful Hollywood, California!
  10. EpcotServo

    EpcotServo's Updates #2.47- Cardcaptor Sakura

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! :wave:
  11. EpcotServo

    Kim Possible adventure Epcot change rumor

    Bad Wolf Ugghhhh. That show ranks as one of the rankest cartoons people have attached themselves too in defiance of all the incredible and witty animated shows out there for you to enjoy. If you like that show, which GENEROUSLY prints off and sells millions of T-shirts using a REFERENCE to a...
  12. EpcotServo

    EpcotServo's Updates #2.47- Cardcaptor Sakura

    Hello everybody and welcome to the one, the only, the Updatearama Update Show! Ready? Click on! KINGDOM -Weather was great, crowds were medium to low. -OK, so here we go...Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Let me start by saying where I come from: I hate the Nextgen master plan of every...
  13. EpcotServo

    EpcotServo's Updates #2.44- The Update Holiday Special

    There's no word like hello for the Holidays! Welcome to another Update show, so let it snow! STUDIOS -Crowds large to even larger. -Star Tours is still, still great. -I kind of don't like how they replaced the holographic poster at the end of the Muppets hallway with an ad for The...
  14. EpcotServo

    EpcotServo's Updates #2.42- Like Love

    That was at Chester and Hester's, but I'm sure it's sold elsewhere too.
  15. EpcotServo

    EpcotServo's Updates #2.42- Like Love

    My thoughts exactly! :sohappy:
  16. EpcotServo

    EpcotServo's Updates #2.42- Like Love

    Heya everyone and welcome to a long overdue WDW Update! Lots of fun was had, so let's start with the words. ANIMAL KINGDOM -Crowds were low to mild. -Expedition Everest was running the proper 4-train profile and was running perfectly. -Waterfall B was not working again, Steam was working...
  17. EpcotServo

    EpcotServo's Updates #2.41- Fate/Stay Day

    Hello everyone and welcome to another Universal Update! Stuff to get too, so to stuff we get! UNIVERSAL -Weather was great, crowds were none! -Re: Jaws, I'll say plenty with the pictures, but just have to say the skippers as always save the day. They were great and friendly, and even...
  18. EpcotServo

    EpcotServo's CALIFORNIA Updates 2: Part 7- You are (Not) a Local

    Hello again, and welcome to the last, final, and concluding CALIFORNIA Update! It's been an incredible run of Updates with over 3000 pictures to sort through, so applaud yourself as you come stumbling into the final installment! So join us, won't you, as we take one last trip through Disneyland...
  19. EpcotServo

    WDW Webcomic- Bishoujo Parks Academy

    In response to queries on what BPA is, Maki Kingdom answers your questions in the classic Hall of Presidents format. Enjoy!
  20. EpcotServo

    EpcotServo's CALIFORNIA Updates 2: Part 6- Best of the West

    Hey there everybody and welcome to Part 6! You know what that means. Only one part left to go! So let's get going and go before the big goodbye update. Enjoy! \(^ ^ )/
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