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  1. Lirael

    Usual minimum stay requirements for discounts?

    I'm thinking of doing split stay on my next trip, and my current plan is to book the rooms and then add a discount if it comes out for my dates. However, I know discounts (room or dining) may come out with a requirement of a minimum of nights in the resort for you to use them (example...
  2. Lirael

    Question about FP+ between party of 4 on two reservations

    I'm wondering how to do FP+ in this situation: There are 4 of us under two onsite room reservations. Room #1 is under my name and I invited/linked friend A onto my plans/account. Room #2 is under friend B's name and she invited/linked friend C onto her plans/account. 3 out of 4 of us want to do...
  3. Lirael

    Dining/Snacks Suggestions for a first time guest

    For a friend. I'm going to wdw in september with a friend that has never been there (or to the USA, even). I've tried almost every place on property and really can't decide what to take her to, and it doesn't help that she has no idea where to go either. The only thing I know is that she...
  4. Lirael

    MK Barber Shop question

    Do they do hairstyling on adult women? I'm thinking of dressing up for MNSSHP, but I plan to be at MK during the whole day, so it would be ideal if I could get at least somewhere inside MK where they'd do my hair closer to the party time. It wouldn't be anything too complicated (I think?) since...
  5. Lirael

    Earliest Resort Bus to the TCC?

    I managed to snag a 7:30 ADR at Kona Cafe. I'll be at an All Star and am planning to reach the Polynesian by taking a bus to the TCC and then the monorail. I'm just slightly unsure about the time: will buses to the TCC even be running so early in the morning (I might need to get it around 6:45...
  6. Lirael

    Any Differences between All Stars?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning a solo trip in September and want to do a split stay with an All Star (to save money to splurge on dining or merch) then a non-standard room in a moderate. All points to All Stars being exactly the same except for theming but one never knows... So I was wondering: is...
  7. Lirael

    Time to stop lurking

    Hello! I've been lurking since october, when I decided to do a DW trip solo and needed guidance since I haven't been there since 2011 and never alone. This place has been helping me a lot. I'll probably continue to mostly lurk though.
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