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  1. jonnyc

    Villain Con (Minions) ride to replace Shrek 4-D (rumor)

    Do we think we'll get a retheming of this area? (Either now or further down the line).
  2. jonnyc

    Returning to the UK from WDW - Covid Test

    Thanks both - booked!
  3. jonnyc

    Escape from Gringotts vs The Incredible Hulk Coaster

    I was a bit underwhelmed with the Gringotts ride although I think my expectations were a bit too high when I rode it - the queue is amazing. Looking forward to giving it another go on my next trip. Hulk is one of my favourite coasters, such an awesome launch sequence!
  4. jonnyc

    Returning to the UK from WDW - Covid Test

    I'm due to travel from the UK to WDW later this month and I am in the process of booking the required Covid tests. I've booked my test to get into the US, so am now looking at booking my test to get back into the UK at the end of my trip. As of writing, this must be a PCR or Lateral Flow (but...
  5. jonnyc

    I miss Disney Quest

    I loved DisneyQuest - it combined very nicely with the Downtown Disney check-in service that Virgin Atlantic offered to become a last day of the trip tradition before heading to the airport. I'd love to see an updated version return, including an updated CyberSpace Mountain and dedicated retro...
  6. jonnyc

    Splash Mountain vs Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls

    I think Ripsaw Falls is really underrated - it's a fun ride, good ride length, good amount of thrills and theming, but Splash is one of WDW's most immersive rides with a classic soundtrack - hopefully the retheme can live up to the original!
  7. jonnyc

    Lost Continent's Lost Ambitions

    Is there enough space to do a full new land here? I assumed it would get absorbed into the Wizarding World at some point.
  8. jonnyc

    Kilimanjaro Safari- Poaching story line: Do you miss it ?

    Let's hope her parents don't show her The Lion King or Bambi...
  9. jonnyc

    uk travel since 8th november

    Let us know how you get on! I'm heading over towards the end of January.
  10. jonnyc

    Peter Pan's Flight vs E.T. Adventure

    Love E.T - in particular the forest theming is really immersive (both in the ride and the queue). I think if you updated the initial pre-show video and passport gimmick, then the attraction would appear less dated (and if we took Señor Spielbergo out of the picture, I always thought this...
  11. jonnyc

    Space Mountain vs Revenge of the Mummy

    Two of my favourite attraction queues - however my biggest pet peeve on SM is that un-themed corridor they started routing the queue into just after the Alpha/Omega split point following the last big refurb. It seems so unnecessary as SM appears to have a huge amount of well themed queue that...
  12. jonnyc

    how long are you willing to wait for a ride?

    I'd say I have similar stance to this - for those attractions I love (TOT, Space, Splash, Everest) I'd maybe do up to 70 mins if it was a busy day and the wait times weren't going to fluctuate much.
  13. jonnyc

    Complimentary Transportation Bus ever discontinued?

    I think this is where it will head - it already existed to an extent with the Minnie Vans. I think this is more 'urban planning' to stop homeless people sleeping in them rather than nickel and diming!
  14. jonnyc

    Post your old classic WDW keepsakes/souvenirs

    I'd totally forgot that the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire attraction existed! This is an awesome thread - Does anyone have any old DisneyQuest merch pictures?
  15. jonnyc

    Anyone dislike the volggers content?

    Marketing which feels like it has permeated the Disney vlog-esphere.
  16. jonnyc

    Anyone dislike the volggers content?

    Speaking of Vloggers - who else can't wait to never have to hear the word 'iridescent/EARidescent' again?
  17. jonnyc

    Villain Con (Minions) ride to replace Shrek 4-D (rumor)

    Do we think they'll immediately start installing a replacement? If Mummy is going down for maintenance for 6+ months (as suggested in that letter) seems strange that they wouldn't keep Shrek ticking along till Mummy reopens for capacity, if they aren't doing something with the space straight away.
  18. jonnyc

    [Rumor] Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Olivia Rodrigo

    This is the first idea I've heard which I think I could accept, although after Alien Encounter got removed, I don't think we'll ever get a intentionally scary ride in WDW again.
  19. jonnyc

    MagicBand+ announced

    I think what you are describing is a beeper.
  20. jonnyc

    What's deflated your WDW enthusiasm the most: Pandemic or Genie+

    The two have properly netted themselves out for me - the pandemic has delayed trips and made me desperate to just get out there so much so that I'll put up with the nickel and diming that is going on right now - which I'm sure is one of the things Disney is banking on at the moment 🙃.
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