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  1. Sunset7132

    Holidays at Disney's Hollywood Studios 2018

    It was the best dessert party, blows away tommorowland terrace. Front row for the show
  2. Sunset7132

    Uzima Springs Pool Closure

    Ty that madee Feel better . He the cost was so much more , but the magic with the animals is a new adventure daily . Ty
  3. Sunset7132

    Uzima Springs Pool Closure

    Well I wish I knew all this before I turned it down . Damn
  4. Sunset7132

    Uzima Springs Pool Closure

    Savannah.. we just find the animals are more unique
  5. Sunset7132

    Uzima Springs Pool Closure

    Yes seriously , it was a one time deal,would have cost us $2540 for. $9800 room But after speaking with hubby we decided we enjoy the coziness of AKL and no view of the castle Compared to all The different animals we see with coffee in privacy in our savannah view Room , at first I kept looking...
  6. Sunset7132

    Mousekeeping Opt Out

    All or nothing
  7. Sunset7132

    Uzima Springs Pool Closure

    I was offered a theme park room at the poly for the same price I’m paying at AKL.. we took it.. and then changed our mind and rebooked at AKL . Nuthin Like the animals . Can swim anywhere
  8. Sunset7132

    Jiko or California Grill

    Not happy to hear this
  9. Sunset7132

    Jiko or California Grill

    We went to Jiko dec of 2017 and it was the best piece of beef I have ever had
  10. Sunset7132

    Bye bye Mickey soaps?

    we were there in December.. not only did we still have shampoos and soaps but they stepped it up and you an actually squeeze out the shampoo without a struggle lol
  11. Sunset7132


    Free DME
  12. Sunset7132

    Totally booked!?!

    excuse me but thats a rude comment, coming from someone that thinks they are entitled because they have a long time on a message board.. lmao How dare you, i have been on disney boards probably longer then you were born .. these boards are not very easy to manuever , when you type in SEARCH it...
  13. Sunset7132

    Totally booked!?!

    Oops you meant dec 2017 I thought you meant dec 2018
  14. Sunset7132

    Totally booked!?!

    I was able to go online and see openings those dates at many resorts ,check again , Port Orleans Riverside cane right up with openings
  15. Sunset7132

    Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios

    The dessert party was the BEST , they had beautiful ornaments for us and special glasses , necklacrs And the best spread that blew away MK dessert party , they had it indoors dec 2017 it was too cold. Sooomuch fun, best selection of food and desserts and drinks ,Then they walked us out to the...
  16. Sunset7132

    News Disney considering a service like Uber at WDW - Confirmed as Minnie Van

    I’m not getting into a car with no driver as soon as 2019 no way
  17. Sunset7132

    Narcocees or California Grill for brunch

    Both have buffets on some weekends brunch
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