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  1. jonnyc

    Returning to the UK from WDW - Covid Test

    I'm due to travel from the UK to WDW later this month and I am in the process of booking the required Covid tests. I've booked my test to get into the US, so am now looking at booking my test to get back into the UK at the end of my trip. As of writing, this must be a PCR or Lateral Flow (but...
  2. jonnyc

    Upgrading to an Annual Pass

    Following on from the news that us Brits can enter the US again, it looks like I'll be able to make two trips to Florida next year. The first is in January 2022, which is a long postponed trip back from 2020, where I've already purchased the 3 Park, Park-to-Park Ticket with a stay at Dockside...
  3. jonnyc

    Disneyland & DCA in one day!

    Hi everyone, I've spur of the moment booked a trip to drive Route 66 in September, and at the end of the trip I've got a couple of days in Santa Monica. After realising where I was going to be, I had the light-bulb idea that I could dedicate a day to visiting Disneyland! My question for you...
  4. jonnyc

    AKL Running Route

    Hi all, I'm in the midst of a health kick at the moment having lost 30 pounds so far. As I've gotten fitter I've began to incorporate more running into my work-outs so am keen to keep this up with some early morning runs when I visit the World in May. I'll be staying at the Animal Kingdom...
  5. jonnyc

    WWoHP California?

    Didn't know where to post this, so feel free to move if necessary. http://uk.movies.ign.com/articles/121/1213711p1.html http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204397704577070691060558140.html...
  6. jonnyc

    What month should I go?

    I am not far removed from my last trip to world, but am suffering from the Disney blues so thought that I would crack on with planning our family's next trip... My first question is when should we go? The time frame really starts with the last two weeks of June and ends the first week of...
  7. jonnyc

    TNA - Victory Road this Sunday: What time should I get there?

    Well after a few trips to Florida with the intention of trying to go to see TNA and it not working out, I shall be going on Sunday to see Victory Road. As this is my first time going to a TNA PPV, what time should I arrive and start queueing to ensure that I get in? All help is appreciated.
  8. jonnyc

    Planning Videos

    Hey Guys, I'm after some Universal Planning videos to download, particularly the ones from the early 2000s. Specifically that one with the families going around with that really annoying kid with spikey hair. Any help on where to look would be much appreciated!
  9. jonnyc

    The World Cup and WDW

    After just watching the World Cup draw, i have realised I will be at WDW during the knockout stages. Will anywhere in the world show the games? Or do you know of any local places outside the world which will show the games. As I don't want to miss England's unlikely triumph! Thanks in advance...
  10. jonnyc

    Why does US original programming seem to be taking a week off?

    Being from the UK I wish to see my favourite shows as they air, so i'm naughty and watch them online, but this week it seems they are having a week off. I was curious to why this is?
  11. jonnyc

    Best/Worst Attractions of Universal/IOA

    Taking inspiration (aka stealing) from a thread about WDW, what are people's favourite and least favourite attractions in Universal and Islands of Adventure? Universal - Best: Men in Black Worst: Fear Factor live. IOA - Best: Spiderman Worst: Doctor Dooms Fear Fall.
  12. jonnyc

    Potter Darkride Problems

    In a thread on News and Rumours, which has turned into Universal v WDW (Again!), it was suggested that there are some problems with the Darkride in WWoHP (i think that's right), can anyone shed any light on these problems and what effect they might have on the opening of this new land?
  13. jonnyc

    MIB - Alien Attack: tips and hints

    There is nothing better than a bit of friendly competition on rides like this, and nothing better than blowing your competition out of the water. The top score i've managed to get on MIB is 310,000 and that was with the bonus at the end. This was after 4/5 single rides round as my family stood...
  14. jonnyc

    Nestle Toll House

    Sorry if there was a recent thread about this, i was on a while back and haven't seen it pop up again recently so... Does anyone know if the Nestle Toll House is back yet? I'm off tomorrow, and it just won't be the same without it :p.
  15. jonnyc

    Sounds Dangerous

    Okay, i'm relatively new to the boards but noticed a lot of hate towards Sounds Dangerous. Admittedly i haven't been on this ride since I was 9, as we never seem to have a chance to do it. But we have vowed to do it this time. Anywho, my points for discussion are: What specificlly do you...
  16. jonnyc

    Whatever Happened To...

    ...The Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Tip For Today that was on the Disney resort TV? It always made me really feel as if i was in Disney, a bit like the entrance when you drive in. I miss it!
  17. jonnyc

    Getting wet on POTC..

    Last time i went to WDW back in 2006, we went on POTC to see the new changes, and of course it was ridcuolously busy. We got into the boat, and it was clearly filled to the max. I was in the left corner in the front of the boat. We came down the drop, and to my amazement i got wet, we exited...
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