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  1. meanmice

    Any news on The Tiki Room?

    I don't remember the original version at WDW, but I've been to the DL version and I hate to say it, but it was kind of boring. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the opening song and there were a few others that I found enjoyable, but by the end of the show, I was ready to leave. That being said, it's...
  2. meanmice

    Disney World Hauntings

    I just came back from a trip to wdw this past weekend with my boyfriend. As we were walking around EPCOT at night, he asked if I wanted to ride space ship earth. I told him that I wasn't sure and explained to him that I get a little creaped out on it. He told me that he felt it was haunted...
  3. meanmice

    Ride videos!!!!

    I'm having trouble once again. I had to reinstall alot of stuff and i reinstalled mIRC, but I can't get on to download anything. HELP!
  4. meanmice

    Animal Kingdom attraction catches FIRE

    We'll I'm glad no one was hurt. Was there any damage to the ride?
  5. meanmice

    John Stamos and the Olsen Twins at WDW

    no, they wear those ragged clothes all the time. those glasses make their heads look small. i don't understand what men see in them
  6. meanmice

    Movie's resort pool question

    no one has any clue?
  7. meanmice

    Movie's resort pool question

    what is the fantasia pool at the all star movies shaped like? i've looked at pics here and i've looked at online pics of the map and i can't tell.
  8. meanmice

    Ride videos!!!!

    does anyone happen to have the video of yesterday's christmas parade? i forgot it was on and i'm anxious to see it. thanks in advance
  9. meanmice

    Osborne Lights Pictures

    I am so jelouse, my boyfriend is going down with his family from christmas day to new years day, it's so not fair, I'm the one who loves disney
  10. meanmice

    Peter Pan's Flight?

    I don't think it's ever really had a big rehab, nothing more then a fresh coat of paint when necessary. I love it. The longest I've waited was 45 min and that was in early august. It's a must every time I go to florida
  11. meanmice

    New Tinkerbell Test at MK. Fly's UP to the castle!

    i think if you're not going to have a human tink then tink should fly around the castle and then start the fireworks kinda like she does on the wonderful world of disney. might as well go all out
  12. meanmice

    New 20k pics! 9/13/04 - NOT 56K FRIENDLY!

    wow... oh my god, it's strange to see it all so flat. i'm curious what the future hold for that spot
  13. meanmice

    Pieces from old attractions in various places in the parks

    isn't the track layout exactly the same as the previous rides?
  14. meanmice

    It's A Small World Rehab: Facade Issue

    does anyone have a pic of the towers of the four winds?
  15. meanmice

    Ride videos!!!!

    oh ok, you confused me... and i'm easily confused
  16. meanmice

    Ride videos!!!!

  17. meanmice

    The Fall of Walt Disney Imagineering by Tom Morrow

    very interesting article... wish it wasn't true
  18. meanmice

    What happened to........

    what did they do with all of the external decorations that they placed on the castle? is it in storage somewhere or in ye olde trash heap?
  19. meanmice

    Battle of the Villains

    deffinatly maleficent. she says it herself that she possesses all the powers of hell
  20. meanmice

    What do you want Timekeeper replaced with?

    i don't know what should go there, but i'm not a big fan of this attraction. i finally got to see it in april and no i can say that in my opinion it's not as good as everyone makes it. i'm against a bumper car type of attraction, cuz it's a little lame, but something cool and interesting would...
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