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  1. apatten22

    Splitsville bowling moving into Downtown Disney West Side

    Glad to see something new and exciting being added to the Disney complex. This will be a great addition to the Downtown Disney area. If you haven't already checked out the website for Splitsville, you should see the current locations. The themes will fit perfectly!! www.splitsvillelanes.com
  2. apatten22

    Crazy busy here at hollywood studios...

    Schools don't even start "winter break" here until 12/24 in Allentown, PA Colleges however should be all out by now.
  3. apatten22

    Behind the Magic Sunday on HGTV

    A new special documenting what it takes to prepare for the holidays at Walt Disney World is being shown on HGTV Sunday 11/29/09 at 8pm Eastern Standard Time and a replay (7 hours later) at 3am Eastern Standard Time I'm looking forward to seeing this. Set your DVRs!!!
  4. apatten22

    Magical Express timing for Evening Arrivals....

    When we used DME on our trip in September 2009 we landed in Orlando at 7:40pm and walked right onto a bus with no wait. We had a total of 7 passengers on our bus. We were at our hotel (Pop Century) by 8:15 and checked in by 8:30pm. Our luggage did not arrive to our room until just after...
  5. apatten22

    Captain EO to return to Disneyland, EPCOT maybe?

    Have any of you actually watched the Youtube version of this garbage. I remember it when I was a kid. Heck, my wife actually has the album. (albums are those giant like cds made from vinyl kids...you know back when dinosaurs roamed the earth). It was entertaining for it's time but VERY outdated...
  6. apatten22

    How Many Days for You (part 4)

    Next Monday 9/7/09 Whoo Hoo!!
  7. apatten22

    How Many Days for You (part 4)

    14 days 2 hours and 49 minutes
  8. apatten22

    How many days 'til you do your online check-in???

    4 more days until online check-in!!!!
  9. apatten22

    Hannah Montana Barn at Backlot Tour

    Does anybody have photos of this new addition to the tour? Perhaps there would be less hatred for the props if we could see them. I agree, it's not my cup of tea but my daughter is excited to see the items. Even though she doesn't like the fire from the exploding tanker truck she wants to go on...
  10. apatten22

    Staying onsite vs offsite, even with free dining

    I would have to agree with the others here. It all depends on your food cost, $13.00 per day parking, park tickets etc. We are also from Pennsylvania and have driven and flown on different occasions. We stay on-site except for a select few times when hotels in our price range were not available...
  11. apatten22

    How many days 'til you do your online check-in???

    6 days 4 hours 54 minutes....We're not excited are we?
  12. apatten22

    How many days 'til you do your online check-in???

    12 days left until online check-in!!!!
  13. apatten22

    How Many Days for You (part 4)

    22 days Only 22 days until we're immersed in the magic!! 12 until online check-in!!!
  14. apatten22

    Candlelight Processional - Tentative List

    We saw Neil Patrick Harris two years ago and he was GREAT! Very friendly with the crowd and so at ease with performing in front of such a large audience. I can see why he does so well performing on Broadway and hosting duties such as the Tony Awards and TV Land Awards (soon to add Emmy Awards to...
  15. apatten22

    How Many More Days For You (Part 3)

    90 days from now I will be at the Magic Kingdom!!!!!! YEAH:sohappy::sohappy::sohappy:
  16. apatten22

    My family and I are going to WDW from 9/7 thru 9/14. Maybe we'll see you there. I've always...

    My family and I are going to WDW from 9/7 thru 9/14. Maybe we'll see you there. I've always wanted to mett another poster from here just to put faces to the names.
  17. apatten22

    We're going to be down at the same time. The wife (38 yrs old), daugher (11 yrs old) and I...

    We're going to be down at the same time. The wife (38 yrs old), daugher (11 yrs old) and I (36yrs old) will be staying at the Pop Century resort from 9/7 thru 9/14. Who is going in your party? I am always curious if other WDWmagic posters are there at the same time as us.
  18. apatten22

    Tommorland Skyway Building Referb

    I know this might sound like a stupid question, but why would the skyway station be getting a staircase referb to the second floor if there is no skyway there anymore? Is this building used for something other than storage...
  19. apatten22

    Miley Cyrus 16th Birthday Bash at Disneyland

    If you read the first post carefully it does say there will be kids there from that charity sharing the day with Miley.
  20. apatten22

    Monorail Silver

    That does sound strange to tell the CM I'll wait. Having to explain to my daughter "sorry sweetie daddy wants to wait for the red one" If I have time to play around and ride the rails so to speak I might look for a certain one.
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