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    News Disney Not Renewing Great Movie Ride Sponsorship Deal with TCM ; Attraction to Close

    I'm crushed to learn that Horizons will be closing as well :/
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    Club level at AK

    The club level was a nice extra at most of the other resorts, but as far as I know they are only offered on 4th floor or higher and this limits viewing of some of the animals unless they come right out of the treeline and closer to the room (which does happen, especially in the beginning and end...
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    News Refurbishment coming to Tatooine Traders at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    This is interesting considering the many of us who expect Star Tours and Tattooine Traders to eventually disappear in the years following the opening of GE. Perhaps this is a downgrade in disguise as an upgrade? Even if not it is probably well worth the cost to polish it off to sell to those...
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    DHS Aerial View

    I have three words for you: Toy Story Land, Now open. Plus I imagine even the lines will be cool to older and younger guests who choose not to ride the ride. Also Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway coming soon. I mean every ride can't be for little kids...
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    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    Just noticing the mound of dirt in the background taking on a new shape.. could this be the beginning of progress for the new hotel?
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    The Edison--details announced

    There is one place out of like a 100 at Disney Springs that kids won't be allowed into for a few hours of each day. A place that I doubt any kids would want to get into anyway. In summary: AUUUUUUUGH WALT IS ROLLING IS HIS GRAVE, DISNEY WORLD IS DEAD! AUUUUUUGH!
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    Disney YouTube channels!

    love it!!
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    Swan and Dolphin look outdated?

    Fine point sir, let's bulldoze it, and while we're at it, Cinderella Castle looks like it came from the middle ages, let's get rid of it and its outdated gothic influences! We can make one from Ikea furniture instead! I kid, to make a point. Real architecture is timeless, made from influences...
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    Swan and Dolphin look outdated?

    It always makes me chuckle when someone starts a thread just to try and infect others with their negativity. All I can say is, do the pyramids in Egypt look outdated? How about the Eiffel Tower. <the most exaggerated eye roll in history>
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    The Western Expedition by MonorailRed

    Hey not bad! I especially appreciate the motion animation and pop culture references... is this yours?!
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    Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    58 minutes from now is gonna be AWESOME.
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    Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    why no recent aerial photos?
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    Na'vi River Journey reviews, comments and questions

    i agree, thought it lacked plot, every scene felt the same but could easily be improved...
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    News Liki Tikis refurbished

    "The Leaky Tiki" would make a good name for a bar, just saying.
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    2018 Imagineer Forum News Center - Newsletters and Important Links!

    Wow! Thx for the plug! lots of imagineering and park history in the 'Disney Trip' series too, be sure to check it out! Cheers!
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    Magic Kingdom From Scratch - A Red and Space Project

    I LOVE RCT3!! Check out my Magic Kingdom remake!
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    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    That is the BADDEST BERM I have ever seen.
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