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  1. DisNerd86

    Booking Droid Depot

    Does anyone know if the Droid Depot booking window opens the same way dining booking does? Meaning, once our 60 day window opens for dining and we get the rest of the trip, will we also be able to book a Droid Depot reservation for the 3rd day of our trip even though it's more than 60 days out...
  2. DisNerd86

    Pre-Trip Prayers for Pixie Dust - NYE at WDW with a Toddler Pre-Trip Report

    Hey there, hi there, ho there! My name is Jessica – mom, tax attorney, PTA member and, admittedly and unabashedly, a huge Disney nerd. Not just Disney World, but all things Disney – we watch the movies and the shows and read the blogs…it’s all consuming. My friends always try to stump me with...
  3. DisNerd86

    Late Night Meltdown at Casey's Corner

    My family just returned from a fantastic trip to Disney World, followed up by a few days at the beach (to recover LOL). We spent 6 days soaking up the best of Disney and I was again reminded that one of my favorite things about the World is how it makes people happy and smiley. Then I stayed...
  4. DisNerd86

    Magic Kingdom Dessert Party in Late June

    I am super pumped to be going back to my favorite place for SIX WHOLE DAYS at the end of June. We will have two days at MK and AK each, and 1 at EPCOT and DHS each, but wont be park hopping. We will also be 4 adults and a 1 year old. Between the heat, the probable crowds, and the...
  5. DisNerd86

    Baby's First Trip! (Which she will obviously remember duh...)

    Hi! I doubt many people are going to be interested in this thread, but I love reading the planning and trip reports on here, and I need a place to organize my thoughts so that my husband doesn't go crazy listening to my endless chattering. So here goes! Disneyworld October 21-24th (3 Days...
  6. DisNerd86

    Planning Our Last Adults-Only Trip for a While

    I have never done a trip planning report, or trip report, but now felt like as good a time as any to join in on the fun. My husband and I found out recently that we are expecting our first child in June 2017. We are pretty pumped about this, for lots of reasons naturally. One reason I am...
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