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  1. Pabgo

    Ticket Question

    My family is going to be at the "World" on the 1st and the 2nd of September. We are planning to go to Epcot on the 1st, and then doing Typhoon Lagoon in the morning, and MK later that night (for EMH) on the 2nd. Our only question is is can we do a water park and a regular park on the same day...
  2. Pabgo

    Fire Hydrant at Streets of America

    When I was at my last WDW trip (2 days ago), we were at MGM about 10 minutes until park close, and we were making our way along the Sreets to get to the exit. Along the way, we saw a fire hydrant near the "subway" entrance, and there were 2 little sprinkler type things spraying out of each side...
  3. Pabgo

    Are Star Wars Weekends Really Busy?

    We're going to WDW this Friday, and we're going to stay for 5 days. We were planning on going to MGM on Saturday, and I just realized that the Star Wars Weekends are going to be going on while we're there. We've never been during this time, and it looks interesting. The only thing is, is it...
  4. Pabgo

    Does this look legit?

    I want to buy a DS Lite pretty soon, and I found this really great deal on eBay. Here it is: Link His feedback is 100%, and he's sold 152 items. The only thing I'm worried about is the country. He's from Puerto Rico. Do you think it's okay to order something from another country?
  5. Pabgo

    Angler Fish not working?

    I just returned from the World, and I rode Nemo 2 times. Both times I rode, the angler fish AA wasn't working. This is the 3rd time I've seen it like this (Once on our old trip). Why doesn't it work sometimes? And BTW, the Seagulls and the waves weren't working outside either.
  6. Pabgo

    On his way to WDW Perhaps?

    This afternoon, at my my middle school, the tight end coach or whatever for the Colts cam to my middle school because he used to go there when he was my age. I was wondering why he was in FL, my first guess is that he's going to WDW. What do you think?
  7. Pabgo

    Coral Reef Restaurant

    When I go to Disney in March, I'm planning on eating at the restaurant. I was just asking, is it any good? And does EVERY table really have a view of the aquarium? :wave:
  8. Pabgo

    I can't hear the voices on Disney Channel!

    Only on Disney Channel I can't hear the voices of the people speaking. For example, I can't hear the "fake" laughing in the backround, steps, etc. but I can't hear them when they talk. I can't hear them on my Cable box in the Living room, the regular TV in the kitchen, or the regular TV in my...
  9. Pabgo

    Busy Times

    Is "the World" busy during about Mar. 10,11,12??? That's about when I'm going next and I hope that it's not busy! I love it when the parks are empty!
  10. Pabgo

    Epcot Operating Hours

    I was just looking at intercot.com, and it says that Future World (March 1-31st) is only open until 7:00, but then for a lot of the rides it says they're open until 9:00. It also says that World Showcase closes at 9:00, but doesn't Illuminations START at 9:00? Someone help me out please! lol
  11. Pabgo

    What's so different about WDW's SM?

    I know WDW's SM hasn't been updated and everything, but what is the biggest things that makes it different than DL? Anything with the ride systmen, effects, vehicles,etc.? I've never ridden the one at DL, so I wouldn't know! lol
  12. Pabgo

    Any Disney desktop backrounds?

    I want a desktop backround for my computer of something Disney (Epcot geodesic (sp?) sphere, Disney Studios Hat, etc.). Does anyone know of a good site for stuff like this?
  13. Pabgo

    Will Turtle Talk ever get a diff. queue?

    Ever since Turtle Talk came out, it has been clogging up almost that whole floor section of The Seas with Nemo and Friends! I heard somewhere that they would probably build a separate queue that is out of the way of that main area. So, my question is, will they build one?
  14. Pabgo

    Space Mountain Queue under Railroad?

    I was just looking around Magic Kingdom on Microsoft Live thing, and I saw that the railroad separates the little building where you enter the line, and the ride building. When I rode I remembered a veeeeeeery long tunnel in the queue that went downwards at one part. Did it only go downwards so...
  15. Pabgo

    When should I get my password and my username for the WDWMagic Pass?

    I've been waiting for about 5 minutes, and I still haven't gotten an email! About how long should it take?
  16. Pabgo

    POTC Question

    Okay, so a couple of days a go when I went to WDW, I rode the newly redone POTC. I didn't really like the "new" one that much, but that's a different story. I remember back when I rode the old one (in January) that at the end where your boat usually stops, on the left there would be the jail...
  17. Pabgo

    11-22---11-25 Trip Report (no pictures)

    Day 1-Driving, and Downtown Disney! Okay, so I wake up in Northwest FL at about 7:00 am, eat some breakfast, finish packing, etc.! We finally leave at exactly 9:18 am. Got on I-10 for pretty much all of the drive, and finally we get to Pop Century at about 7:30 or so. We got a room in the 80's...
  18. Pabgo

    Do they still "blow up" the torch in the World Showcase Lagoon for Iluminations?

    Do they still "blow up" the torch in the World Showcase Lagoon for Iluminations? I saw the show last night and it didn't do anything but open up and higher the torch!
  19. Pabgo

    David Robinson at MK!

    Today, just walking over to get a Dole Whip, I look over to the left and see David Robinson!!! I wasn't that surprised that nobody was following him, because you have to keep up with the San Antonio Spurs. He's here because tomorrow he's supposed to narrate the Candlelight Proccessional at Epcot.
  20. Pabgo


    I'm going to WDW tomorrow!!! :sohappy: I'm basically just posting this to see if there's anything special going on! We'll be at MK on Thur. and Epcot on Fri.!
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